Not Helpful 7 Helpful These areas in Wizard City are only available by purchasing a membership or paying with Crowns. Let me know in the comments! The ones I dislike the most are in the Science Center. This downward spiral continues into the third arc as well, as you will see in part 3. In order to have access to a teleporter, you had to first walk to it and activate it yourself. It’s also overcrowded, too, on only four realms, and therefore any “street” battles cannot be fairly judged. Most players will progress through worlds in the following order:

So I think of the easier battles as a reward for all the fights I’ve lost. The water moles were all sorts of adorable. Newer Post Older Post Home. We have these guides:. Try asking nearby players for help running a dungeon, but avoid pestering anybody. You must log in to post a comment. The amount of explore tasks in each world of the second arc is higher than in the first arc.

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To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Some are much longer than others. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. This downward spiral zagaria into the third arc as well, as you will see in part 3. There uqests no free areas that give tons of XP. Every time you want to enter the Tomb of Storms, you have to place all the beetles and then wait for the statue to rise.

Sadly, puzzle tasks are rare in the second arc.

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If you get the first attack, you will have the first attack on every floor, giving you a big advantage. The musical references in Zafaria are cool too though!


This article has also been viewed 86, times. Where the converter would take a balance qussts and convert it to the energy of another school at random.

The amount of explore tasks in each world of the second arc is higher than in the first arc. While I have not completed Zafaria in test realm, I do feel it is building in difficulty as the story progresses, and I quesrs forward to both the moral boosting battles and the mind numbingly difficult one’s.

It sure felt like a lot when I recently quested through Celestia after a pause of several years. So we are a bit too strong for this new world. It’s been really nice being able to find a battle circle and still group with people. I finished the Oakheart quests, and battled not one … but TWO hidden bosses. Elite Warrior on Jul 15, wrote:.

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This was a hard choice because I liked almost everything about Avalon. Thank you for your time. The last five complex battles are in the Shadow Palace.

Mooshu is such a big beautiful world, but that meant that everything was pretty far away. Seeing Grandmother Raven in person was a nice development in the Grizzleheim storyline. Do the Prospector Zeke quests.

I think zafadia the mobs and bosses had armor piercing and some additional health it would make it slightly more challenging and more enjoyable. Skip to toolbar Login Register Search.

We never seemed to get away from them!

The dreaded charred knife. Interact tasks are tasks where you have to press x close to a certain object.


Did this article help you? I dont know this myself, since i havent gotten on test no need to spoil the new worldbut these seem like reasonable answers. Although not much actually happened in Nightside, I loved the discovery of it. Spoiler for part 3: This article is based on the information from my main quest line guides. You won’t have access to the majority of the quests in the game without purchasing Crowns or a membership. I would also love to see an area like Dragonspyres Plaza of Zafqria or Celestias Stormriven where we can summon difficult bosses to fight that have unique drops.

Newer Post Older Post Home. They were nice weapons! SS Savannah Shimkey Jul 10, When you enter a tower or dungeon, check that you get to attack first. My name was Bosco!

You must log in to post a comment. After all, we’ve had countless battles against the epic side dungeons like Briskbreeze and Tower of the Helephant. Like Kevin said, in Celestia, we were fighting some number of battles before every stotyline anything, and it wasn’t very enjoyable, really. These are the current methods of getting crowns without having to buy them. If you don’t get the first attack, press Esc and leave the dungeon.