Examples words are between, bicycle, bipolar, bisexual etc. Only in this case you can. So, Black Jacob, the trickster is just the spirit of god or Israel, the sex magic of the male the female and the child that is produced from the orgasm or the spark of life, light created from darkness of the abyss. I do want to add another meaning in the form of a person who has taken a mind altering substances like drugs to “reach” a “higher” from of “consciousness. The obelisk is known as a sundial, “Sun-dia-EL. Everyone was tripping and asking where he went. Ben, honestly your grasp of reality is more than deficient or inadequate, your understanding makes you look like a feeble emaciated cow!

Truthiracy is the best, cutting-edge esoteric knowledge available, no one tells the truth like Truthiracy! The truth is these two words are connected phonetically because they share the same root meaning which is why the both share the same etymology. Top Moments From the Oscars. Ben Stanhope , etymology , news , Response , Truthiracy. My grandfather was asked to join the fraternal order when his tire business started doing good. I tried to act like I was, to pick his brain and see what he knew. This decapitation is symbolic of cutting the head off of the OLD year, to begin be a new year in the springtime Equinox of the Passover Nisan Aviv when the world is reborn and rebirthed.

Oxygen has the element with an atomic number of 8 eight. The story of two brothers where one out deceives the other is the classical fight of the two cycles of nature, or the two Bi-cycles. Symbology is known for having an exoteric and esoteric understanding. A direct link to rape and the sun! Rose comes from the color of rose rosa or the red color. The Egyptian hieroglyph for “black” is the ‘km. I will explain in my book the truth like no one ever saw!!!

Am I right or am I right? What was ancient Egypt known as? I could go on trutihracy on about the very meaning of the word Jesus, thus Zeus which are rooted in Dione, Dianna, the two, just like the word Deity! Autumn is named after Atum-Ra by truthiracj way, the Sun God. So, we have clowns or jesters on our ‘Birthday,’ celebrating or the CELL abrasion sex, sperm, eggis the ‘party’ or the ‘PART-ing’ slaying from the old year to the new year.


Thus the reason that Israel is the story of the people who are divided, thus the people of Divide or David. In fact Horus was born and created from a “rape,” when Isis raped the dead corpse of Osiris. For example his outrageous claims that the Delta Nile was made to resemble the Orion Nebula.

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The Ugaritic is ancient Hebrew, the historical linguistics of Proto-Semitic phonemes Phoenicia spoken by ancient Hebrew Israelites, period. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Books By Christopher Clay Lord. This is a personification or an anthropomorphic representation of the ancient Horned One of the spring time fertility of the ancient Pagan cults. Start your free trial. That was the first time I really realized I was correct more than I was even aware, it really sunk in then!

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Examples words are between, bicycle, truthitacy, bisexual etc. They are sending a clear message that no one wksdom video tape their actions or else you will get beat down, and I for one think this type of mentality is shameful and a poor example to send our youth who will be shaping our future to come.

Or perhaps the notion is “to blow together” musical instruments, i. My documentaries are packed with varies subjects that clarify and answer so many unsolved mysteries in the esoteric world. The common translation of the etymology of the name, or the so called meaning of the name is “beloved. Con con 1 “negation” mainly in pro and cons, short for L. In fact many bibles will will actually have red and blue page dividers in them!

They have also blocked me from Truthiracy1 now, as Truthiracy3 is not able to leave comments, they take them away, yet let other people leave comments.

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In any public or private area with permission, may video tape, take pictures, record audio and may even draw pictures to record as proof the actions of any event. Your ‘sin’ or censorship is equated to characteristics of evilness like that of a Dictator such as the Natzi himself, Hitler! It’s all based upon nature.

You will find that the very word symbol, is intact a code for the “same bull” similar bull. This is in fact where we see ancient rituals that involved the sacred pole, like the may pole for example. This comes from Ishtar or Astarte Goddess Venusthus the 5 points on the star, and her star was also the eight pointed star.


The ‘Fire’ triangle, mountain male meets the ‘Water’ triangle water female.

I will be getting back to this later. Again these words to give different distinct meanings, but are all rooted etymology speaking to the same root source and foundation.

I never once said that those who “use” Wikipedia or any other Encyclopedia or housw are “foologists,” I said those who quickly do a search and click on research material like Wikipedia and get an answer in 10 minutes without researching the entire subject at hand in the grand scheme of understanding and grasping the complete hhouse. Do you want to to school you on that also?

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Asherah or Astaroth is Venus and aphrodite, the goddess of magic, love and childbirth! Part 29 goes through some details of the ritual they show, yet hide in the film. This leads right into another common relevant homophonic word of one, and won.

The “U” can also represent the Goddess ‘cow” such as Hathor or isis, because language is the alphabet, or the alpha male, and the beta female. Just as Isis is Aset, which is Ase iceno final “T” was pronounced. A way of saying that Hell evilness, darkness etc has not taken over, there for things like nature, life and God are all trutjiracy good and high.

Animal Etymology – The etymology of the word fioms comes from the Latin “animale,” which is a living being or creature, which breathes air and this includes human beings. Most people have absolutely no idea what letters mean and their historical pictographic root meanings.

When do all the Hebrews worship their god YAHweh?

Releasing the sacred fluid and squirting or blessing it out! Filmss ‘Fire’ triangle, mountain male meets the ‘Water’ triangle water female. Are people really ever born in a manger?