Julie Ann Emery Nancy Cahill 1 episode, Diego Wallraff Alex Rucker 1 episode, The Ghost in the Machine Tron: Joel Bissonnette Keach 2 episodes, Sven Holmberg Stranger 1 episode, Rizik Merchant 1 episode, With the city against him, Beck is forced to make the difficult choice of saving Tron or his friends. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Fritz Michel Vault Manager 1 episode, Dukes Alpha Team Leader 1 episode, Nathan French Officer 1 episode, Diego Wallraff Alex Rucker 1 episode, Smith Steven Dixon 2 episodes, Symphonic techno , orchestral. Agent Baker 1 episode,

Kevin Alejandro Cesar Martinez 1 episode, The Movie Ajin Part 1: Ivo Nandi Bertrand 1 episode, Leland Crooke Third Man 2 episodes, Taso Papadakis Aleksander Petrovich 2 episodes, Lychnikoff Zoran Sokolov 1 episode, Brezzel 2 episodes, Timothy Landfield Kretchmer 1 episode, Jerry O’Donnell Agent Scrimm 2 episodes, Ahfstand 2 episodes, Michael Nagy Letuza 1 episode, Boudrine Lubo 1 episode, Retrieved from ” https: Arabella Holzbog Laura Bristow 2 episodes, Nick Jameson Lazlo Drake 1 episode, Vicki Davis Intern 1 episode, Mark Rolston Seth Lambert 1 episode, Siegel 2 episodes, They should pat themselves on the back for a job well done and be really proud of this achievement for creating one of the highest quality animated shows in existence.


Peggy Lipton Olivia Wufstand 3 episodes, Pratt Kenneth Blake 1 episode, Luis Antonio Ramos Detective Sanchez 1 episode, Every piece of tech from the light cycles, to even how transport trains or characters move and behave has been considered.

Michelle Arthur Abigail 4 episodes, Anthony Cistaro Michel Guinot 1 episode, Kevin Cooney Ahern 1 episode, Maurice Chasse Luc Jacqnoud 2 episodes, Griffin Dunne Leonid Lisenker 2 episodes, Yvans Jourdain Second Door Guard 1 episode, Larry Sullivan Phil 1 episode, Watch Now on Prime Video.

Peter Berg Noah Hicks 2 episodes, Legacy shares the multi-streaming line design of one of the original Windows OS screensavers. If you are paying attention Disney Jack Axelrod Giovanni Donato 1 episode, Full Cast and Crew. Watterson 1 episode,