There are scenes in or out of the Imaginarium that will tell you if your projector and screen can do what is required in terms of contrast. The atmospheric is mixed with the discrete and the clarity of the whole sound spectrum is as precise as one could hope for. The picture is amazingly deep and quite enveloping, and can truly suck the viewer right into the film. In the “real world” things are more subdued, with just enough ambiance to set the various stages. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. This is a very sharp-looking transfer without a hint of grain or dust on the print at all.

Showing of reviews. Once thought a remnant of childhood is now a flourishing industry in show business, comic book shops and conventions. The below Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc. Dragon Ball Super The Movie: Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell, who, each in turn, does a subtle double take as they realize they are not Ledger. The movie lasts about two hours.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Blu-ray

It may appear drab and sombre in comparison but it is in actual fact very realistic. A former monk, the thousand year old man threw away immortality in a deal with the devil Tom Waits as Mr.

Goo Ultra Grey Paint on Syntra. Nevertheless, the imminent loss of Valentina looms large, but Tony just might have a solution in mind for that pesky little problem, too.

View this one with the commentary, as there is no dialogue lost under Gilliam’s voice, and the PiP showing Gilliam doesn’t interfere any with the on screen prancing. John Paul Docherty the Iamginarium Effects Supervisor kicks it off about how they went about building and filming the monastery which parnsssus shown in the film.


The final collection of goodies is more or less a grab bag of missing pieces bluu don’t quite fit into either previous category.

In its lmaginarium week, Avatar was once again the clear Blu-ray top-seller during the week ended May 2, according to Nielsen VideoScan.

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This really is great stuff. With Ledger gone, this leaves Christopher Plummer as the leading actor in front of the camera in this melodrama.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Blu-ray Review – IGN

Plummer, at 79, ages but never tires. None-the-less, that is me being picky as I truly enjoyed this movie as a work of art and highly recommend it to visionary imagineers. Blu-ray user rating Video 4. Dull this is most certainly not. Another is a brief audio interview Ledger recorded in played over some tasteful and nicely rendered behind the scenes footage and stills.

But, despite the fact that these three players are the pivotal members of the story, the focus lies solely on the four Tonys, as it were. How to Train Your Dragon: Along with the detailed definition there is an astonishing sense of depth to the whole image at all times. That said, I was tge by some of the film’s visual effects, which look rather fake at times, particularly in high def.

No doubt its marvelously distinctive visuals, costuming, and makeup dominate each and every frame, sometimes even to the detriment of the flow, cohesion, and parnassis absolute comprehension of the story. With hints at a shady background, Sheppard joins the troupe, creates a love triangle with Anton and Valentina, and becomes the ultimate salesmen in Dr.

It’s not that his character is in any significant way inconsistent or improbable, only that he gets on my nerves and, being the only alternative to Tony, it’s hard for me to root for his success as a lover. Once thought a remnant of childhood is now a flourishing industry in show business, comic book shops and conventions. This is after all Terry Gilliam fare so it’s a case of sensory overload.


Behind the Mirror 3 minutes, HD Featurette: The second number places this image along the full range of DVD and Blu-ray discs. When the video is as good as it is here it would be a real shame if it is let down by the audio. This is a visual feast by a director who has used all the special effects at his disposal and brought his ideas bang up to date.

The final film, then, is a re-imagining of Gilliam’s original vision, and – as in the case of the attempts to complete Mahler’s Tenth Symphony — I am grateful for the effort, however flawed.

Extra Features are extensive and worthwhile. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Select category Add custom category Go.

I was deeply concerned as to how well the film would work, considering that it was rumored that only half of Ledger’s performance was filmed, and the somewhat lengthy production suspension that resulted from his departure. Even the white ear hairs of the devil leap disgustingly off his head.

With Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law volunteering their time and giving all their earnings to Ledger’s daughterany non-magical film would have been impossible.