Five years later, Lag prepares to embark on his promise to be a Letter Bee. Lag’s group arrives and defeats the Gaichuu successfully with team coordination, however Lag ends up dirtying the letter. Each of them are left either partially or completely blinded. Letter Bee GN 4 Mar 18, Two thugs pick up the letter and attempt to blackmail Niche for money, however Sylvette arrives to stop them. A flashback shows that after Roda survived her fall, she made her way to Yuusari to look for Noir. After bidding goodbye to his aunt and the townspeople, Lag takes off with Connor, a regular Letter Bee at Campbell Litus, to the train station to head for Yuusari. As Lag bids farewell to Gauche, he shouts that he will be a Letter Bee like him someday.

Jeel is overwhelmed, but is then killed by Garrard. At the end of the story, Sylvette’s heart is taken by the sun. Suika no Hoshi Kara Konnichiwa zansu! Back home, Sylvette welcomes Gauche back and thanks Lag for keeping his promise. Articles containing Japanese-language text CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles with Japanese-language external links. But after some persuasion from Lag, Connor refuses and tells Lag to leave but lets them take Gus with them. Lag becomes upset and steals Gauche’s Shindanjuu while he’s asleep to head for the capital, but is lost and falls into a sand trap by a Gaichuu Bucker.

Exhausted from firing too many shindans, Lag returns to the post office and meets up with Connor and Zazie. The letter the president wants delivered is a fan letter to a famous pianist named Matilda Rein. The sister sinks to the bottom of the lake and grows sad, eventually transforming into her adult form.

Lag and Niche begin their first delivery. Lag requests Largo and Thunderland Jr.

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She remembers that day Aria personally sent his termination notice to inform her. While alone, Lag bach seeing a strange four-eyed apparition telling him to leave and sees marks all over his body.

Lag is initially unable to target Cabernet’s weak point, but Noir awakes and directs him to attack together. Rebecca Silverman digs in. Japanese Comic Ranking, February Feb 18, Lag’s group arrives and defeats the Gaichuu successfully with tgeami coordination, however Lag ends up dirtying the letter.

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Aria wanted to quit but is told by Largo to stay on as administrative assistant. However, after checking in, Lag realizes that Neri has made off with his bag, intending to use his crossing pass to go to Yuusari. Inspired, Lag decides to draw a picture for his letter to Gauche but is disappointed as his drawings are awful.


Niche’s sister tells them that the Maka lost the ability to converse with humans and they have no interest to do so. Animax Asia, Sony India. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Lag is directed to do his suitability interview exam with another initiate, McCay G. The man called Lag to be careful of the Dacquiose Cliff, because Elena Blanc was killed by a Gaichuu 10 years ago there.

Lag decided to leave Darwin there because he’s still weak. Letter Bee eBook 10 In the aftermath, Lag is told Connor will stay with Sunny until she wakes while Zazie goes after Cabernet.

Niche decides to become Lag’s Dingo, while an escaped animal from the circus, whom she calls Steak, goes with them. Because of this, the other villagers fear her, thinking that she might attract other Gaichuu to her village. Niche is handed over to the circus ringleader and she bids farewell to Lag.

While Lag and Sylvette sleep inside the carriage while on the way to Dogra, Autobahn, a thief disguised as an old woman steals Sylvette’s package. Both fight, however Niche is much stronger and nearly overpowers Roda until Gauche steps in to save her.

Sylvette sends Lag and Niche off while Lag promises to defeat the Carbernet and bring back Gauche’s heart. Garrard and Valentine quit being marauders and leave. She then plants the Blue Romeo in the garden to remind Ray of her childhood.

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During the Day of Flicker, a fragment of heart hit her, causing an accelerated pregnancy within minutes. The episodes ttegami the Tegami Bachi anime are an adaptation of the manga series by creator Hiroyuki Asadacurrently serialized on the Geer monthly Jump SQ. They wandered into the outskirts of Honey Waters and are attacked by a gaichuu, but Gauche and Roda appeared and rescued tegamk.

Just as everyone celebrates, Lawrence reappears and allows himself to be consumed by Cabernet. Lag and Niche return to the Bee Hive and find Zazie recovering from injuries sustained by a Gaichuu attack. She stumbles into a bakery and attempts to cook Steak, but is mistaken by the owners of the bakery for a burglar.


Kimidori is glad that Ray is encouraged by her letters, but refuses to tell Lag further and makes him promise not to reveal this.

Lag spots Gauche’s memories freed from the gaichuu and is overwhelmed with emotion. Connor, who is freed by his dingo Gus, arrives to help Lag. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season.

Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Japanese Comic Ranking, October Oct 13, Dr Thunderland recognizes Steak as a rare Kapellmeister, a creature that is able to form a symbiotic relationship with the spirit insects. As Cabernet captures numerous citizens, Lag episoe Noir that he’s still the strong and kind Gauche he once knew, and they work together to fire their shindans and finally defeat Cabernet.

After asking Lag and Niche to accompany her to meet Joey, she tells of how she met her manager Belushi and their unstable relationship. With the help of Maka lifting him up, Lag’s heart begins to shine brightly like the artificial sun which catches the Carbernet’s attention and turns toward Lag.

Lag learns that gaichuu are attracted to the tevami contained in the letters. Later all the towns bachl take part rebuilding Yuusari and everyone continues on with their lives with Sarah and Hunt continuing to work for Dr. In frustration, he threatens to have her dissected. After hearing Sandra criticizing Lag’s missing dingo, Niche comes to her senses and rescues Lag and the performer.

Beautiful Dreamer Kimagure Orange Road: Lag gives him the letter but after reading it Connor says he can’t go. Each of them are left either partially or completely blinded. Although Lag promised not to tell, he shoots a shindan into the letter, which reveals a flashback of Ray’s childhood.

Noir appears and attacks, but Lag realizes he lost his letter bullet to Roda.