Moving on with the update of today’s episode. Shilpa Anand started out playing Riddhima. Excited,everybody hugs,except Yuvreen, who share an awkward moment. Later he too realizes that Riddhima is with Armaan and he backs off. What happens next is pure romance. Watch all the latest and the full episodes online on hotstar. Most of the time the stories intersect as well.

When she asks him what is upsetting him, he tells her, “It’s nothing” aka something major is bothering him. Kuch toh log kahenge episode 77 17th january watch full online parts kuch toh log kahenge episode 77 17th january 2. Hopefully Taani will be able to extract Rey’s true feelings for her sometime soon. They are cocky meanies. Full episode of 11th september suvreen guggal 11th september full episode is also available to watch online. After a year, she too quit the show stating that nothing significant was happening in the love story of Armaan and Riddhima. Suvreen guggal suvreen guggal on channel v watch an. Just them Swayam informs them that Welham may be considering their impending match as a professional game rather than a ‘friendly’ match.

It will be fun to see what the group does for the campaign.

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For once there is a girl who is after Swayam rather than the other way around. What a pervy jerk. The show tackles major issues like eve-teasing and ragging all without sounding too preachy. You are watching video of drama serial suvreen guggal 11 september episode I feel like a lot of people can relate to that feeling.

Suvreen guggal episode 77

Suvreen and Yuvraj staged a huge protest at college and Gogoi got what he deserved. The boys try to ‘purposely’ hurt him just so he joins their basketball team but to no avail.


I can’t wait for the moment when Yuvraj finally confesses his felling. She never questions authority until the Dutiful Bahu or Beta give her courage to hold her head up high. Rey and Taani think long and hard about what happened between them in the rehearsal hall and the conversation they had in the fire escape. He says that the pleasure was all his.

Let me start by wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! Dill Mill Gayye was a lovely show about friendship and love. Every time I hope they will sort things out and clear the air, things become more complicated.

Watch your favourite show suvreen guggal topper of the years retelecast on star writen from 24th july at 7. To connect with v suvreen guggal, join facebook today. Everything is possible in the world of Saas-Bahu sagas.

Suvreen guggal is a hindi teen drama aired on star utsav. Suvreen guggal 3rd october 20 written episode update. Shilpa Anand started out playing Riddhima. Daily dislikes we try our best to gather the videos growth rate.

And in case you’re wondering where Rey is, let suvreeen remind you, Rey will be MIA since he is currently participating in Nach Baliye with his girlfriend Charlie. As it is, I don’t have an D: Aha – Proof that she is in fact avoiding him! Side note – Swayam’s behavior is bothersome. They had the right amount of tension, passion and chemistry.

The Snake aka male villain: She had no need for him, yet she craved his attention. He will cheat, fight, insult, steal and most importantly rape or torture to get his way.


In yesterday’s post I linked a video of the D: Sidenote – I predict this misunderstanding is going to last another ten or so episodes until Rey mans guygal and tells Taani that he in fact does like her Rathi I hope that’s his name says your problem is mine. Swayam on the other hand writtem has a lot on his plate. Atul on the other hand is a kind and gentle guy. This character has the weight of the world on her shoulders. The boys finally get more info about the impending basketball game.

Just them Swayam informs them sucreen Welham guggwl be considering their impending match as a professional game rather than a ‘friendly’ match. Suvreen is not there. You are watching drama serial suvreen guggal 14 aug episode And how was it you ask? From the pace of the story, I say most of next week is going to be about the basketball match. After all this while, Rey and Taani finally talk about their feelings – be it cryptically.

She also tells them they too will have to stay in the dorms with the Welham team.