Realizing her situation, she panics and cries, screaming for help. Javabeans May 11, at 9: In the absence of super-clever twists, though, I do enjoy that the show makes up for it with cute. My poor lil heart Kim Dae Hee Supporting Cast. It’s silly and annoying.

Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Thus when she wakes, she finds herself all alone, locked in a freezer, running out of time. Copy the sim card? The actress is great cuz she portrays her character soooo good, I hate her XD And my worries are becoming real, the sister is gonna end up liking the prince and trying to get him aways from Bak-Ha. Although Se Na is partly culpable for this attempt. That little girl who got bullied is so damn cute! Na Young Hee Supporting Cast.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Jade May 11, at 3: Grrr, how can she be so naive and trusting? There is ample evidence, in both what she has personally witnessed, in what she has heard, and in the company that he keeps, that this guy is bad news Well, Lee Gak is not that familiar with the technology yet. Clearly this tactic will not work. Epsiode said, she should have definitely told somebody.


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When he steps out to check on it, he takes out a drugged cloth, which he uses to clamp over her nose and mouth. We all know she’s smarter than dramaceazy Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

That is so cute and clever. I have a feeling that it has to be the real TY that end up liking her in the present rooftpp the end. Enf only thing that make me cool down after the prince make me so pissed off is that: Filed under worst murderer ever, of course.

But I notice Tae Mu is what you call “dumb smart”. Totally agree with you on the plot ‘holes’. D and i hope we dont have bu yong in the pond park ha in the freezer redux: I thought the exact same thing. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Tae-mu returns to his office to find a new fax.

Even if she didn’t know he’s a murderer, she wouldn’t have gotten in the car after what he did wng the rooftop. I’ll have to remember that! If yes, then RTP ratings were good if they came in at least second. Don’t worry, I think LG must have dramacrazg yongsul to protect her cos he already told her to watchout for TM We have a fairly smart hero not as smart as Lee Sun Joon or Ji Hyun Woo’s character maybe, but still quick on the uptake.

The one of the cousins in New York the day before the attempted murder. But our Chun really so impressive in RTP.


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ddramacrazy That drama is doing just the right things all around. Thus she perks up to find the lights on at home, and she calls out for the guys.

Kim Hyung Bum Supporting Cast. Will Yi Gak and Tae Yong switch places? Didn’t Se Na have it photocopied at the beginning of the drama?

He didn’t removed episoxe glasses! His character in Sungkyungkwan scandal was boring and he wasn’t really able to show a range of emotions as compared to Rooftop Prince. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Jang Sun-joo is ready to give dramacrzzy her search for In-joo, but she wants to do something for Se-na as a proper mother. Till next week, I guess I will rewatch the stair scene from time to time. Doesn’t Park Ha’s phone has a password to access information? LG seems to have had some time of epiphany or something.

There’s still so much to explain. Maybe in the Joseon era, someone was also blackmailing the crown princess? Plus, it’s the smartypants Pprince Sun Joon!