So put slightly differently, the viewing habits of people changed but the measurement is still a little old school. Love Child first episode reached over 4 million when these are also included. It’s back on December 30!!! Some affiliate stations have alternate schedules and may air programs at different times. But Secrets and Lies is a badly written Broadchurch clone one of many. Watched every episode last night. A brilliant senior cast and three fantastic young leads in Ashleigh Cummings, Brenna Harding and Sean Keenan take us through another summer in the s. And of course where the girls save Frieda.

Bur did anyone else see the dude who died in the car crash appear in the last panel van scene? There are also posts which demonstrate a lot of love for TEN shows: I watched the last episode the other day and FWIW I thought the second season was in some ways better than the first. Television in Australia portal. Thread starter MaddAdam Start date Aug 15, It wouldn’t have been out of place in the era and she’d obviously led a sheltered life in the Shire which was anglo as anglo at the time. Watching a replay of Tuesday’s on Ten now.

Always good to break that stuff down. Neighbours Monday 25 Feb Added 14 hours ago.

List of programs broadcast by Network 10

You can find a full list here. Or is that high school sex ed just being sponsored by “water bases lubricants, such as KY. Fascinating info, thanks David. Irwin is a very good writer, he has produced two well-regarded novels and several TV series including the epjsode concept but less than stellar execution of Strange Calls.


I enjoyed the 2nd season just as much as the first I think. MastersRyder Cup Motor Racing: You can find a full list here To access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia.

Timeshifted, replays, catch-up, and all that drama

Elimination Chamber – Monday 18th February. Some affiliate stations have alternate schedules and may air puberhy at different times. Watched every episode last night.

Lists of Eppisode programs broadcast by country. Why is it that no one in the street has been interviewed? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. More time was spent on the parents but that was fine, they were more interesting anyway. Composing Series 2 Puberty Blues’ composer talks scoring the accomplished drama.

Neighbours Thursday 21 Feb Added 4 days ago. Australian television-related lists Network Ten shows Network Ten Lists of television series by henplay. Just checked 10’s website, and doesn’t say when it will be returning.

Try 10 All Access. I doubt glues make another series though. But of course it was all too late and Gary’s reaction was just heart breaking. Shame they replaced it with that shit “Offspring”. Chaotic Century series in its English language version Zoids: Europe Albania Top Channel.

I’ll watch the rest online.

Puberty Blues S1 E1 – Network Ten

Not as much of elisode asshole obviously but just some of the things he says. In one hour they did no exposition or character development.


Retrieved from ” https: Oh btw- wtf was with the racist outburst from Gary’s mum in one of the later episodes and tripping over that guy?? DVR set for the remaining eps.

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Thread starter MaddAdam Start date Aug 15, Prime miniseries, Seasons 1 – 2 Transformers: Irwin has never written anything of note and it shows. Why are they not investigating the boys father, or even the mother? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

But nothing can keep Debbie and Sue apart for long and they become wildly inventive at staying touch. Scorpion Season 3, Episode 8 Added 2 days ago. It is sad to see Ten perform so badly. Anyone who claims Australia can’t do top quality drama, point them at this show. But Secrets and Lies is a badly written Broadchurch clone one of many. Can’t remember what it was but there was something in the first season he said which my Dad had said to me word for word.

Glad to hear its viewing numbers lifted David.