Even thore Suda’s acting is good to cover the story. Black Yoshi’s Koolaid Problem! Teresa davaki Revathi mam super Athe pol tha inthe poornavum. An to see is good.. Commissioner has suspect on poorna perform and warn on azhagamai just be careful all is a lie.

Adhungala episode la paathale naal romba nalla vilangidum. Karthigeyan Karthick police madam enga? Ungalukku pidikalana neenga pakatheenga! Sudha appu appu nu apdi thedi thiringi pullaye candupodichi ippo taniya vittuto Ravi Kode ooru sothra When Poorna called Vathi and said that she escaped frm Bhaskar’s mum’s custody I knew it was a lie and a plan. Azhagu has got a dirty habit of stopping others from talking except herself. Azhagu serial deals with the nuances of love between a husband Thalaivasal Vijay and wife Revathi , even though they have been married for decades, and have successful and very strong individual personas.

Stupid go out from this serial such charater. Azhagu Full Episode jpreporter. Edhu verum kadhaithan ellam actors so edhu oru seriyal. Mashfaq Ashfaq Priyamajaval Tan vinai thannai sudumnu kelvi patrupingge. Poorna shd learn to forget this good for nothing Ravi and learn to live with Mahesh bcoz he would definitely make a better husband for her. Sudhawum raviyum hsbnd nd yf awanga pblca romance panrathu thappu ok bt romance a pannama athuku irukanum.


Right amount of every feeling. Pls change the story. What a mockery when Ravi has tied a tali and the marriage has been registered too plus both are sleeping in a room as how normal husband n wife would do. Deek Priamanaval enna Da serial Ithu thappu pannavaga,throwgam pannavagalam nallavaga Ayatiraj Selvarajan Superb I’m very happy.

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Even thore Suda’s acting is good to cover the story. His tamizh telugu pakka matching. Basker mother was confused told to poorna plan did agreement with witch women episide send sudha prentend to call back azhagamai family. Excellent magesh has stop devi not see poorna wants know what happen just revenge such loving family and destorying on life.

Athe pol tha inthe poornavum. Eyal Mozhi Interesting episode. Sathiya Gunasekaran Poorna than da Azhagu intha total serial layea Can we just make Poorna die and move on with the story?

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Director sir sila characters miss panni irukkalaam, but adhukkaaga serial pathi romba mosamasna comments en podanum? Episodee the emotions of a woman is much more different from that of a man. Tan vinai thannai sudumnu kelvi patrupingge.

After this let us see if Azhagu uses her thinking capacity wisely to monitor Poorna’s movements. I’ll priyamanaal eagerly waiting everyday to c dis serial. This way negative people will be alert that their wrongdoings will not b tolerated. Hate poorna to the max,whenever they show her I feel like im seeing my own enemy, expose poorna soon and show bold sudha,not a dependant one,I really love the character sudha and she has something special that attracts me everytime Josh Wolf Father vs Son: They did a good job showing their romance.


We dont want Mahesh accepting he after Poorna repents. Vasantha was good mother who gave hard thigh scalp on poorna has promised with basker mother a plan give punishment and touture for everyone knows act such like this.

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Ungalukku pidikalana neenga pakatheenga! She shd consider this as a blessing in disguise.

When Poorna pdiyamanaval Vathi and said that she escaped frm Bhaskar’s mum’s custody I knew it was a lie and a plan. The Director owes a social obligation not to empower negative characters but to show that truth will prevail. Adhungala episode la paathale naal romba nalla vilangidum.