English to Neapali – C. Besides, the school curriculum does not put equal emphasis on instilling moral and religious principles as well as nurturing the intellect. Answer in two three sentence S. Kirat religion followers think almighty God Tagera ning waphumang kept pity on backward kirats and sent him or took birth himself as a human form to uplift them on overall sectors. You are advised to spend 40 minutes on this section. Encik Wahid and Puan Sarah has two sons. Use the notes below to write your article.

Neighbours’ children play together. Putrefaction can occur more easily. Long answer type question 2. The same approach as to reading applies also to listening skills. Rahim wants to buy a ticket to Perth From Lessons to be studied Page No.

The formative assessement will include the following: Tingatan beberapa dekad yang lalu, Malaysia telah melalui beberapa fasa pembangunan. The students will get a passage in German that has to be summarised in English.

Literature 48 marks Scheme of Section and Weightage to content: R is a point vertically below Q. Listening and tignkatan Pupils can understand the main points and the details from short conversation.


Secondary School Curriculum Vol.2

Listening comprehensions in the text book and others from internet or other sources l 6. Namun hakikat yang menyedihkan, perkembangan dan penggunaan bahasa Melayu seolah-olah pot daripada pakej pembangunan tersebut. Essay, descriptive, narrative, factual etc. Give a method to control the mosquito at stages Q. Zo Bawmtu chhawkhlei – H.

Secondary School Curriculum Vol.2

The tasks will be evaluated on the basis of pronunciation, fluency, confidence, content, presentation etc. Walaupun pembangunan negara berjaya membawa perubahan dari aspek sosiopolitik, sosioaekonomi, dan tuntutan masyarakat, namun bahasa Melayu masih tidak berubah walaupun suatu ketika dahulu pernah menjadi bahasa sarwajagat terhebat di Nusantara.

Siamtu Pathian Tan – P. Literature 40 marks Scheme of Section and Weightage to content: Writing down your reasons will force you to think and make 10 commitment. Poetry Very short answer type question. Young teenagers like to roam the city streets, especially at night. Reduce air pollution B. A sandarbhalu Padya Bhagam 4.

Section Topics A B. Verbs, adverbs, gender, singular, plural. The rectangular surface QRLK is inclined. Tangkhul Tuitam kachiko b.

The fat in high quality pure cocoa chocolate can be considered cholesterol free as tkngkatan indicate it does not fur up the arteries or contribute to high cholesterol levels. Element S is a. Suara Mikraj makin lama makin meninggi. Ultha Swdwb Danay 4. You are advised to spend 40 minutes on this section. Vallvil Anrada Cattam Annavin Kadidam.


Poetry comprehension Any three 4. Terangkan perkembangan institusi kewangan tradisilnal Tanah Melayu sehingga awal abad ke No marks to be deducted for spelling mistakes 10 marks Criteria of the assessment 20 marks: Sekolah-sekolah persendirian, sekolah Cina dan sekolah Tamil yang mempunyai silibus bahasa kebangsaan yang berbeza dengan sekolah kerajaan sepatutnya diberi perhatian yang lebih dalam memantapkan penggunaan bahasa Melayu.

Prose and Poem 48 marks Prescribd Book: Reference to context 2. Tingkafan to be covered: