Aku adalah satu generasi yang telah diindoktrin untuk berpikir sangat rendah terhadap Buck. Buku-bukunya diterjemahkan ke dalam lebih dari bahasa. Copyright Los Angeles Times. Saya sudah mempersiapkan lahir batin buku ini biasa saja atau “membosankan” spt historical fiction semestinya. It is surrounded by bamboo. Jul 06, Alicia rated it it was ok Shelves: Dick tak ubahnya melakukan perjanjian dgn setan, dan pada akhirnya hrs menyerahkan nyawanya sbg gantinya.

Willow lebih memilih disiksa drpd mengkhianati teman karibnya, Pearl. Buck throughout her life. Yes, what she was writing and how she almost came to visit China with Nixon are carefully described. Di situ Anchee seakan ingin mengungkap kesalahan masa lalunya dengan menceritakan kisah Pearl S. Later on in life, when Anchee Min had moved to Nor This was an unexpected surprise, to say the least, and a good one at that! While I do respect Min’s attempt to show what Pearl Buck means to Chinese culture through Chinese eyes, one’s time would be better spent reading Buck’s body of work. Open Preview See a Problem?

Having read several of Pearl S. While I do respect Min’s attempt to show what Pearl Buck means to Chinese culture synopsia Chinese eyes, one’s time would be better spent reading Buck’s body of work. Independent – Pearl of China Reviews on The Independent tend to contain a brief plot review, followed by an extended critical analysis. I felt I could see the celebrations and plays ancuee they so enjoyed. Books by Anchee Min.

‘Pearl of China’ by Anchee Min – latimes

They meet after Pearl catches Willow stealing Absalom’s wallet. Willow is conveniently a witness to many of the important events in 20th century China.

The last part of the book focuses on Willow and her family, as they suffer through Mao’s cultural revolution. Hubungan mereka berdua saling membutuhkan tetapi cara mereka utk menarik umat masuk Kristen memiliki gaya yg bertolak belakang krn perbedaan kultur.


Ada yang mon dari kisah hidupnya, terutama hal yang berhubungan dengan Pearls S. Gambaran persahabatan keduanya entah mengapa terasa sekali begitu erat. Dari tertawa-tawa hingga merasakan kesedihan.

Pearl of China by Anchee Min

Much of the novel, especially toward the second half, reads more like a textbook being narrated by Willow. Review copy provided by the publisher. Seluruh kisah cintanya Pearl Buck ini digambarkan oleh sahabatnya Willow. BOY oh boy does Belgium mail suck!!! Dibuat dlm 5 bagian. She has explored China’s tumultuous history, and her own, in infinitely richer ways, as in her bestselling memoir, “Red Azalea,” and dazzling novels such as “Becoming Madame Mao.

I was just wishin Pearl of China was an interesting but kind of disappointing book. She was raised in China where her father was a missionary. I thought it captured the essence of small town life in rural China in the early s very well – and reminded me some of my time I lived in a small town in Taiwan albeit years later.

So, I kept an eye on what I liked and what I didn’t like about Min’s fictional take on a nonfictional figure. As they grow, marry and move through their lives, they are separated many times until, with Pearl’s exile, they spend the last decades of their lives in different parts of the world.

Pearl leaves China before the communist victory inwhile Willow remains to endure the political horrors of Maoism. Pearl then departs for a while to study in America, during which time Willow enters a disastrously bad marriage. It was all a rather distant story with lots of talk about Christianity.

Bagian keempat dan kelima lebih menceritakan pd sisi Willow dgn kebangkitan Partai Komunis hingga kejayaannya memproklamasikan RRC.

I didn’t have that impatient feeling of “I can’t wait for this to end. Nov 22, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. So much is missing. I think one of the problems is the book is ambivalent whether it is to be about Willow Yee or Pearl Buck. Ultimately I think the book does a good job of portraying how a Chinese thinks.


Dulu, aku membacanya tanpa tahu di posisi mana genre buku itu berada.

Fiction review: ‘Pearl of China’ by Anchee Min –

The story is beautifully told with kf poetry all through the book. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Buck by having Buck maintain a lasting friendship with pfarl Chinese girl. Reviews focus on the reading experience and quality of the read, providing a short synopsis along with details of the author’s background and past works.

Mr Yee yg berkepribadian mirip Santo Petrus yg menyangkal Yesus 3 kali, melakukan hal yg sama terhadap Absalom, tetapi selalu dimaafkan.

Willow, kala itu mencuri dompet Absalom, dan itu membuat Pearl harus berlari mengejarnya hingga ia berhasil menangkapnya. This book is a very well done blend of fiction and true history. I kept being thrown out of the story, and I might not have finished it except that I used it as an airport read and I was a captive audience. Namun, saya tetap merasa jika di buku ini kurang menceritakan kisah hidup Pearl Buck sesampainya di Amerika, begitupula dengan surat-surat yang chhina oleh Willow, tidak disebutkan balasan dari Pearl.

Things always happened in the nick of time.