The thing with Bond is that he needs to use a gun with decent size caliber. Would have been useful Excalibur01 talk I would rather see the new PPS as his sidearm because it’s simply an evolution thing. Why a small gun when his outfit could offer concealment on larger frame weapons and with modern day suppressors, you can’t say a small gun suppresses better. In License to Kill it was a sniper rifle disguised as a camera that was the gun that required a palm scan, not the Walther PPK Bristow I’ll see about getting a shot of it.

Anderson Wheeler is a London-based maker of luxury rifles and shotguns whose custom made double rifles are also available in calibers from. There’s been quite a few new ones since the last movie that came out. Bond unloads on a foyer full of bad guys with a SA VzV with folding stock, while sliding down a bannister. Guns in Movies Relying on the same wisdom-of-the-crowd model as Wikipedia, Christopher Serrano, 29, and a stable of about regular volunteers have meticulously cataloged the weapons, along with screen shots, in more than 11, articles, including entries on underwater firearms, missile launchers and flame throwers. The ubiquitous performer — actually a semiautomatic pistol — is the Glock I would rather see the new PPS as his sidearm because it’s simply an evolution thing. I’d rather Q gave him that exploding pen. Although Bond spends more than half the movie underwater at least it seems like he does he does manage to get some dry-land shooting in.

If they want to be really faithful, they should give him back the Beretta pocket pistol he carried in the first few novels.

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Would an armed British police officer in real life be allowed to open fire straight away on the bad guy, if the bad guy suddenly starts shooting without warning?

The cut is simply unrealistic for someone who wishes to conceal serious firepower. Most guns out there are. Contents 1 Bond’s main gun 2 What Happened??? Skyfall is the 23rd entry in the official James Bond film series and marked the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Dr.


I personally wouldn’t even consider skyfalll a PPK as my primary even if I was using a compact gun just because their is simply better compact guns with better stopping power then the PPK. syfall

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One stop in the trail leads Bond to a custom rifle maker, where Bond schools the firearm craftsman in target shooting with a bolt action rifle designed for a hit man with only three fingers. Hey, I’m just reporting what was on film – I never promised what I datqbase would be plausible.

As cool as the thing looks the cartridge is woefully underpowered and would barely make a scratch with modern body armor. I’m a huge fan of the Walther, and i would love to see him use his P99 again, i got a replica of it myself and it’s really good.

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I watched that scene twice. Database catalogs movie firearms. Bond casually discards it when it runs out of ammunition. The norm for police carrying sidearms in the UK is a Glock 17, so its safe too assume that they are also Glock 17s. He might sacrifice two rounds to save skfyall.

I am pretty sure that these have to be the regular PPK in. As skytall the Bond gun debating, it’s never going to stop completely.

His scores make his case. I don’t know if you folks have seen this: I would rather see the new PPS skydall his sidearm because it’s simply an evolution thing. I would prefer 9mm for an agent operating worldwide, but the P is available in. The bolt looks like something off of an Accuracy International rifle.

Database catalogs movie firearms

If nothing else the barrel release on the movie gun is under the trigger guard, whereas on the Colt it is in the more conventional these days position on top of the grip. Contents 1 Handguns 1. In one scene Bond takes out the pilot of the helicopter, hell bent on slicing him in half with an Armalite AR Views Read View source View history. Over the years Serrano’s creation has acquired a professional audience among the small group of Hollywood prop masters — or “armorers” — who supply firearms to film sets.


We’re taking a look back at the best of Bond’s guns from 50 years and 23 movies. Decades later gun nuts studying the film noticed that in one scene Bond is actually shooting a Colt Model Pocket Hammerless rather than his Walther. The full auto SA VzV saves more than his life though when Bond uses it to clear the bannister of a potentially crotch-smashing decorative wkyfall. If he needs more firepower, there is the P Just another epic Hollywood research failure. A 9mm DU round would offer fatabase armor piercing capability on account of its low velocity and mass.

Some stick around to discuss and debate the guns they see on screen — a user named Charon68, for instance, found James Bond carrying the small PPK anachronistic for a movie set incommenting, “As cool as the thing looks, databaee cartridge is woefully underpowered and would barely make a scratch with modern body armor.

The site is laid out in a simple, schematic fiearms, with pictures, quotes and trivia. Having just seen the film, I can happily say there were plenty of gunfights and we’ll be spoilt for choice when screencapping it. So the producer or director really missed a chance here to turn James Bond from being a mere walking advertisement for luxury brands to a more firwarms character like back in Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig has not aged well in my opinion.