Chiaki confuses ‘skirt steak’ harami with ‘flower viewing’ hanami and is teased by Kana. Rina Satou as Haruka Minami. Fujioka admits that he likes Kana after she wakes up from a nap at school. The final arc features Haruka taking notes from a cooking show about the preparation of curry while detecting the necessity of visiting the supermarket. Minori Chihara as Chiaki Minami. Chiaki dismisses the prospect before directing Kana to finish the curry Haruka is making.

Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi The next arc details Kana conducting her volition of a study session at her home with Keiko and Fujioka that Riko decides to capitalize upon. Chiaki sees that Haruka’s hands are red in an effort to save money by switching to washing dishes with cold water and decides to do her best at being eco-friendly as well. This is a list of episodes for the anime Minami-ke , a story about the everyday lives of the three Minami sisters who live on their own and the problems they face in everyday life with their friends at school and at home. Touma’s ecstasy during the homebound commute is quickly extinguished by Natsuki helping himself to the snack consecrated for that purpose. Himitsu no Mako-chan ” Japanese: This barbecue happens to be hosted by the Minami family.

Maki tempers her disdain for her summer homework by successfully wielding Fujioka’s computations as her plaything until Kana and Chiaki extinguish her machinations. Thereafter, Touma’s sudden arrival on Chiaki’s doorstep kr way to the revelation that Touma has an ongoing passive-aggressive dynamic with her brothers and paints a dysphoric snapshot of Touma’s family.

Takeru comes by and Kana persuades him to take them out to dinner.

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At school Kana asks Fujioka why he calls Chiaki and Haruka by their first names, and tells him to call her Kana-chan. Minam next arc details Kana conducting her volition of a study session at her home with Keiko and Fujioka that Riko decides to capitalize upon. Hosaka, who thinks that Haruka is going abroad, takes an airplane to San Francisco.


Coharu Sakuraba Character Design: Gyeong-Hye Park as Makoto “Mako-chan”. Kana declares it a ‘pajama festival’ and puts herself in charge of hospitality, to Chiaki’s annoyance.

This, however, is t Seiichi Morishita Studio Twinkle.

Minami-ke Okawari –

The final arc begins with a conversation between Makoto and Touma over being given chocolates as a Valentine’s Day joke prompting Kana deciding to play Othello after telling Chiaki that she needs to practice celebrating Valentine’s Day to gain the experience. She eats her vegetables and goes to thank Natsuki, calling him the true God of Fire.

Daisuke Ono as Hosaka. Availing a bunch of soda cans, Kana directs Uchida and Yoshino through an exercise with soda cans to practice the Law of Weakness Appeal.

While Haruka is out on the town with her friends, Chiaki gets over her nightmare while Kana has a similar nightmare that sends her clinging to Haruka okasari is late coming home.

Makoto is almost caught crossdressing by Yoshino, and Kana worries whether she is a bad influence on Makoto. The final arc features Kana blowing up at Chiaki for insulting her once too often before deciding to resolve her fears of Chiaki becoming a delinquent by being a nice older sister.

The next day, she truly catches a cold and tries to avoid being found out, all the while recruiting Uchida and Mako-chan for help.

Unfortunately, the culinary protocols for both Haruka’s curry and Natsuki’s cookies get interchanged with dysphoric consequences. Sin-Hui Park e;isode Chiaki Minami.

To save Chiaki, Haruka suggests going flower viewing, though it is still too early. Gyeong-Myeong Lim as Fujioka.

?Minami-ke Okawari ep 1 English Sub – Kissanime

Everyone has a good time, but no-one gets much homework done. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Makoto stealing the hose and Chiaki’s retaliation sparks a three-way water fight with Uchida and Yoshino that obfuscates the issue of Chiaki not being able to swim and that the compensatory computation thereof backfiring on Chiaki.


Eri Kitamura as Yuka Uchida. Studio Twinkle Photography Direction: Haruka hosts a Yuletime banquet at her house. As Chiaki and enters and complains about her swimsuit, Kana and the girls plan a trip, which ends up as a regular sleepover.

Kazuhiro Anzai as ‘s teacher ep 4. The next arc features Haruka and Chiaki being rather vague and indirect about the supermarket and the route thereof as well as a neighborhood dog giving way to Chiaki encountering a shopping list that she suspects that Kana tampered with. The Minami family and the neighboring Minami family are having their own Christmas eve.

Minami-ke: Okawari (TV)

A euphoric beach outing having the dysphoric prologue of Kana being carsick is reflected upon warmly by Uchida and Yoshino who have taken the whole experience in stride. Fujioka forgotten which floor they are and ended up in the roof. Meanwhile, Hosaka imagines what it is like to be a part of Minami family.

Satoshi Fujita Studio Twinkle Color design: Chiaki invites her friends over to work on home work. Mijami one until season three each spanning 13 episodes. During a lazy afternoon, Kana decides to help herself to some oranges while Touma and Chiaki read at the kotatsu before getting the idea to snack on an orange.