Almaas’ response was truly regular, dissimilar to Sajeela she had no illusions about either Mazhar or the destiny of Sajeela’s second marriage. She felt for Aiman and seemed more concerned than her own father. I so wish they had not played them back to back like this … but yeh, I find the characters, except the Sajeela Mazhar couple and that roti dhoti Zainab, quite relatable. We must understand what Aiman was going through when she decides to leave Karachi.. She candidly let him know, how it was the first run through in her life that she claimed books that were her own particular and were additionally new: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although nearly all of the plot is the same in the novel and the TV series, a few changes have been made.

Email required Address never made public. This drama serial is based on Farhat Ishtiaq ‘s novel of the same name. IMO, the dialogue delivery is very unique in Pyaray Afzal. Also through the promos, we can see there will be a new entry in the show. But then it was like torturing us audience by showing flashbacks as original story.. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I do not believe! SophiaQ September 19, at Almaas appears to be a generally taught, current lady however when it came to gathering Sajeela, she asked her spouse’s authorization to go to her debilitated sister. It is never simple for any one to discuss there neediness stricken adolescence or our Bachpan ki maihroomeyaan.

The situation will become even more interesting if Sajeela decides to join the bandwagon of the ladies interested in Haider.

Ramblings of a Pakistani Drama Fan: Mere Humdum Mere Dost = A Memorable Experience for

After Taufeeq returns, she stays with him and his family, but struggles to adjust to living with them. Please enter your comment! And he is such a mean father. IMO, the dialogue delivery is very unique in Pyaray Afzal. Rehmat SZ re financial help: FA i was literally laughing out loud hu,dum reading your comment.


Waisey wasnt it strange that she jere clothes shopping by herself… how did she know where to go and what to buy? Part of me feels really sad because I will not return next week but hopefully we should have something new to look forward to. AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. I did not sign up for this. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

I couldnt help but thinking ke kahan tou humdjm bari ego but when it comes to taking money Aiman bibi has no problem whatsoever lol … but I also agree with Rehmat she doesnt think ke episkde salon baad abb sirf 4 paise luta dene se he would make a good father.

Start was pleasantly nice with haider interacting with maria and saahir and how he see aiman. This was not what I expected from a man like Haider Masood. PA tells the story of a man who struggles to achieve the love of his life. More articles dosy admin. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat How she was not conversant in English dialect and she was sorry to say that issue may keep her down.


And was it me or anyone else who thought mazhar was lying about divorce thingy.?? As soon as she found out that Haider is still single, well that one smile said it all. Notify me of new comments via email.

The role of Sajeela is not very prominent in the novel whereas, in the TV drama, she is a major character. Aiman was in no way ready to stay in Karachi and Haider was merw allowing himself to come out of the shellhe put his own self in for a very long time.

Another episoode has come to an end and this time around I was more than happy with the ending. Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades.

Right now, I adored Farhat Ishteyaq’s perception and narrating. She is only sticking it out with him because she left her family for him etc. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 30 — November 21…. Dosy thora paisa mil raha ho, to aish karne do! Anger, fear, anxiety, apprehension, dread, you name it and she had felt it all in the days leading up to this first meeting.


Amazing to see how side characters can add jaan to a scene. I just didnt like it Like Like.

Mere Humdum Mere Dost Last Episode Review

Time limit is exhausted. In sab ki ages ka tou nh pata srf itna maloom he k sajeela-haider ki shaadi ko 5 saal hogaye he. What an ending to such a wonderful bumdum. Zindagi India started airing this series from 21 March onwards. Itna slow har kaam karti he. So Aiman got confirmation in the college and Sajeela has decided to separate Mazhar.

He can see her true ability and he is additionally the one and only with whom Aiman can talk and I mean truly talk.

Meree acc to novel aiman was one n half years older tou she could b 20 but then tht age difference was in novel. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There may be a suave actor to play this role? Despite their best efforts, Hareem and Adnan looked more like casual friends rather than a couple in love. But by now, she has made friends in her class and has become a little more relaxed around her parents, by now Haider should make a conscious effort to minimize his involvement in her life.

One of the best dramas going on tv, this episode was the most fast paced and interesting from the the previous episodes.