The model was capable of transforming into Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid modes, but required the swapping of hip joints for each mode. The media continues to cover up the Marduk threat and uses the opportunity to promote the annual Moon Festival, which piques Ishtar’s interest. I usually get my stuff from elsewhere so I don’t know what their selection is like. What the fuck caused private trackers to become this silly? Puss in Boots Or: Plus eventually there should be some invite system anyway, So just as dead to me as any site that requires you to maintain “e-friends”. Most anons will not have access to older anime anymore Uh, what? Also in the Macross line is a Macross Plus Movie, a combination of the entire series.

Retrieved from ” https: We’re getting betting search engines among other tools and yet somehow, it’s like the average posters gets even more retarded by the year. Fuck them, horse drawn carriages are the way of transport for patrician, as intended by the Emperor Lelouch vi Brittania! A description of tropes appearing in Super Robot Wars. They’ll go the same way ADC is going where only a handful of people do all the seeding fucking every one else over. I don’t know how the fuck my account didn’t get pruned.

Nobody likes anime for the characters, the worlds, the ideas, the energy. Maybe they’ll even try to back down on the private tracker idea as mavross last ditch effort.

Mr Lucipher I know what you mean, took me 5 days 14 hours to get all the eps. Most anons will not have access to older anime anymore Uh, what?


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The media continues to cover up the Marduk threat and uses the opportunity to promote the annual Moon Festival, which piques Ishtar’s interest. I’ve seen Macross Plus.

ESR – Recommend me an Anime. I love everything about it, but there’s one thing that bugs me.

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Dunno if I should focus on the anime or wait till the girl starts singing but its quite boring so far. She confesses her real identity to Hibiki, and explains that they use the Zentradi to destroy any foreign cultures, with the Emulators keeping them in line.

What is bonus points system, I earn upwards of 20GB a week just by seeding. But take care, if it is multi-file, some of those might not be leechers, but people seeding with not all the files. Most movies and anything done on film should benefit from p as well. Soul Hackers Time and Eternity E. Webarchive template archiveis links Webarchive template webcite links Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links.

You dont have access to this page. Sup Forums has too much exposure and sadly western business tendrils are encroaching on anime so there would be more, and faster resistance to the site from DMCA and constant legal pressure.

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Yes, ratio under 0. Don’t worry about if jacross, as this user says Even on nyaa you can find entire seeded batches of obscure shit like city hunter, so it doesn’t really matter. Not the smoking porn reading rubik cube macroxs rape ape with a magic boat. Heavy Metal Thunder Persona 2: Feff is incensed by Ingues’ denials about the legendary Alus and joins the barrage along with the U.


Macross Plus Movie Edition. Actually, it has to be s. I’ve never seen someone in an animanga repeatedly stomp on someone’s head until it’s almost broken and then smash the other guy’s head into the ground so hard that half the face breaks, fucking hell.

I’ve downloaded torrents to completion on AB, and I’ve only seeded 19 of them to a 1: And both are on nyaa. That sort of thing is always going to cost you ratio, sometimes a good bit. The Animation — Humanity Has Declined Love the way the teams are introduced and the narrator is perfect.

Anime and Sup Forums both need to get less mainstream, I’m eagerly awaiting the day. Most other old anime I watched when I was young or it’s shit. What client do you use? Spacy Minmay Attack stratagem, which has been successfully employed to thwart the Zentradi threat ever since.

I just ddl the specials just to get it done quicker. Can’t buy a seedbox.

Meanwhile, Feff’s soldiers are also looking for her, and some of them have been shot down.