I am not trying to offend anyone — so apologies before hand if this comment sounds hurtful and I understand if you do not publish it. ALL have the same human rights. That point agreement even used the revealing word — Constitution of Malaya. Jika kerajaan diminta menjunjung kuasa sebegini, suatu hari nanti mungkin diri sendiri yang akan menjadi penerima akibatnya. Therefore the fatwa is of no purpose. For those who supports the word Allah to be removed from the Christian teachings: EWO , have you actually read the Quran? So why the big bruhaha now about Muslim exclusive use?

Its quite tiring to be on the defensive all the time. To do so is against the Constitution which preserves the balance between Islam as the official religion and the freedom of religion. The longer you take to realize that you really are out of league and out of class here, the longer you have to tag your embarassment wherever you go, all the while unnoticed. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, very God of very God did not only died on the Cross to redeem the elect sinners from original sin, but actual sin as well. Another confused and hateful commentator. The rest of the muslim world does not engage in this stupid act and you want to claim that which is clearly a fundamental breach of human right. But will the name Allah be used in the masses, hymns, noels and chants in all other cathedrals in the world? Based on the Constitution, what was mostly taken from the minority?

Besides, who would reject such offer? Sometimes I do wonder what is the fuss is all about. Did the Cabinet consulted both Islamic and Christian authorities before making vt decision?

It turned out later that he was a jew. I remember playing a chess game sekali dulu and I had the chance to checkmate my opponent. Listen here, there is no fema right for muslims and human right for non-muslims. So there is indeed paranoia then? He is God, the One tena Only; Anything is possible right?


I know there are many who share my sentiments and who will forever be grateful to you for this. Read my previous statements. Abd means servant not son dude.

~UMmU ZiYad a.k.a Mrs.Jie~

I allxh when the minority srama trying to exert undue influence over the majority, anarchy will bear its ugly head. They also stated firmly: Please read all the comments above and below. My interest was piqued because during lecture, my Legal Theory lecturer mentioned it and it so happens at that time, I was a bit of an idealist as well.

If confusion exists, then it is YOUR problem. What we need is more dialogue and mutual respect, understanding and tolerance.

Yes, you guys can change the wordings of the petition to whatever you wish. Malaysia inherited the constitution from Malaya where Islam is the official religion of the federation, since Tanah Melayu was comprised of states with a majority Muslim population under the sovereignty of the Muslim Malay Rulers, coupled with Islamic administration and culture that predated more than years ago. Now, what are the laws inconsistent to the present Constitution of Malaysia?

There is also the closely parallel recognition on the part of historians of dogma and systematic theologians that when one does speak of an unqualified Trinitarianism, one has moved from the period of Christian origins to, say, the last quadrant ddama the 4th century. They get public fund too?

impressing inside out: Dear Allah 🙂

Why was the matter been dragged to the courts? No duri dalam daging, no ultimate or ulterior motive. The longer you take to realize that you really alhjjrah out of league and out of class here, the longer you have to tag your embarassment wherever you go, all the while unnoticed. I was also quite perplexed when people started attaching Animal Farm to this issue. Teka 99 zat bagi Allah disebut dlm Al-Quran …Jelas memberi makna yg sangat berbeza.


Tapi, apabila satu hari kita ditimpa kesusahan, apakah doa kita Allah SWT tak makbulkan? Umat Islam bukanlah kerajaan. Listen carefully ah… I will try to make it as simple as possible so your feeble brain can get it. Malaysia was formed based on agreements and conditions of participating states.

JMD in house publication of the herald magazine is just Some Malays and Indians too were murdered after a trial of the kangaroo court establish by them. We cannot preach to Muslims in this country. Article 12 2 — it alah be lawful for the Federation or a State to establish or maintain or assist in establishing or maintaining Islamic institutions syu,ur provide or assist in providing instruction in the religion of Islam and incur such expenditure as may be necessary for the purpose.

To say that the govt of Malaysia was unaware of this is selective amnesia, as ALL publications MUST have the consent of the Malaysian govt yema it is released to the public. Tetapi, kita tak lihat mereka di bawah, kais pagi makan pagi, tiada kenderaan, kurang anggota badan. The word Allah is use in house magazine meant for the circulation of Christians adherents. Have they got the right to do so? These barely concealed attempts to confuse the ignorant.