The 3rd floor of the St. This site uses cookies. Cue members stressed the need for time management to balance of their academic requirements, but because of the extreme workload expected at the drama department, members are often torn between savoring sufficient sleep and getting good grades. Its principal is Mr. Mike and Crisel as. Private Non-profit Basic education institution. The school is also home to The Kundirana , one of the most notable and distinct performing groups in The Philippines, which is a music ministry composed of about 8—15 high school students in their junior or senior year. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Large community gatherings such as the community mass are held at the gym. Besides acting, the members sacrifice sweet, salty, and oily foods to preserve their voices for the big day. How about taking a look at CUE’s Friendsters? Retrieved August 5, Welcome to the new aspiring actors who wish to put more color into their lives! La Salle Brothers in the Philippines. The Grade School shares the athletic facilities with the High School. This was because the members were at a decline and they both had the same objectives and purpose.

The seniors with a tableau before they go. Its principal is Br. The dormitories are furnished with bunk beds which yreenhills accommodate a class of about 55 full and is air-conditioned. After which, La Salle Green Hills was given a better five-year grant in and after two accrediting visits.

I need her to make costumes for my school. See our other productions of the past 12 years! Private Educational Institutions in Mandaluyong. They Dance sallle a Popular Song from Myke Salomon is with Virginia Rollins.

The choreography was made by Mr. The building is located behind the St.

It was here vreenhills the first classes of LSGH were held. May your music continue to inspire men and women of La Mancha everywhere. They reached and placed first in the finals of the Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 6 and Year 8, possibly the most famous dance competition in the Philippines.


Leigh was born in in Brooklyn, NY.

The Cue Drama Club of La Salle Green Hills High School

Accessed May 21, This provides time to practice even before the rehearsals. Archived from the original on October 5, Mikey Ascalon as Sancho Gdeenhills. Archived copy as title link CS1 maint: National Collegiate Athletic Association — Keep the fires burning! Click on the dancin’icons! Students from Grade get to pick their Friday Club from a list of hundreds of clubs.

Welcome back to the philippines. The upper right contains the five-point Signum Fidei Star with rays, the Sign of Faith, from the year old seal of the Brothers of the Christian Schools who conduct the school. At the time, he was a local hero as being interviewed by basketball player Chris Tiuthe show Ako Mismo and Philippine Star. The Grade School shares the athletic facilities with the High School. Joseph the Lq building and Central House.

See Ateneo — La Salle rivalry for more information. Nevertheless, non-academic skills are developed in the club such as confidence, teamwork, and communication. Pinggoy Mendoza as Pippin. Large swlle gatherings such as the community mass are held at the gym.

Clubs and Organizations – La Salle Green Hills High School

Actors needed are male and female between 20 to coub years old, with the ability to speak a bit of Chinese a plus factor. See how CUE struggled for excellence thru the years. Retrieved September 9, Hence, there came increasing demand for students interested in the field.

The school is situated on a six-hectare campus fronting Ortigas Avenue, across from Wack-Wack Village and golf course. Their classes are held at the High School Building, from 5: Houses all of the Grade 11 and 12 classrooms. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Donato Center is the home of both the grade school and high school theater arts departments of La Salle Green Hills. Its facilities and classrooms are located within the St. All-boys schools in Metro Manila.


Since La Salle Green Hills is a school dedicated to the formation of Christian gentlemen, the school has provided facilities for the spiritual activities and development of its students.

Cue Drama club Through the Years

List of people from De La Salle University. The ground floor comprises the HS library, offices and greenyills HS chapel. Cue Drama Club goes on a mall tour! Ginny’s Vimeo account, but it was originally 12 minutes long 10 years ago! La Salle Green Hills.

Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bacolod Bacolod High School Cebu. The club aims to promote theater consciousness among the young high school students and for them to discover the world of the drama, which requires not only artistry but also craftmanship in the disciplines of acting, directing, singing, composing, greenihlls, building, designing and technology.

The Kundirana has salld several renowned concerts since its establishment in the s. Get to Know Your Brothers!