Hoya wants to marry someone else Rahat should at least say Musarat all and that she tries to reason with his daughter. Murad and Humaima may be happy to get married but Umaima father feels ashamed rumor family of his sister that his daughter knew Murat in college. Mattel Alpha Training Blue. They still do not know what Manaal divorce was finalized and now she is free to move on it is ready to move on but it seems no one cares. Hoya is a person ki JIS doosti hurt on dushmani. This scene could be much better and more serious.

Call it karma Mukaafta-e-Amal or mazloom Ki aah … Since Manal family kicked her out of the house of his grandfather peace and tranquility also left his life. Joey took Manaal into the living room and it was to be the climax of the episode as I said, the expectations were high but all Manaal disappearing act has been treated really was clumsy he did not do any sense. Seeing BAILA experiencing so many problems in reading poems Manaal been fun as well as thought-provoking as many young people from the elite class are fluent in English, but get stuck in the reading and understanding of simple Urdu. The only development in terms of history progression was Rahat angina attack moreover that the pace is slow but I enjoy every episode. So Zaid turned materialistic moron, who was extremely lucky because due to its materialistic nature he dodged a bullet rejecting Joya. Nobody even thinks to wait until Baba Jaan K Cool or chaleeswaan before kicking him out of his granddaughter.

The tactics it uses to attract the attention of Diam only going to land her in trouble.

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Although his kk spine less than his father gives him a tough guriha but Moeed should not be made out. Her story made a turn for the worse she silently obeyed her photo and married Shuja. Things finally fell into place.

This episode was more of filler as stories did not progress but nevertheless it was totally entertaining so I cannot complain. Although Baba JaanMusarrat and her husband assurances Rahat self-pity knew no bounds. That is the question I want to ask.

Call it karma Mukaafta-e-Amal or mazloom Ki aah … Since Manal family kicked her out of the house of his grandfather peace and tranquility also left his life. Kaahch mamoo also warmed to her MOID has no problem, she had her from the beginning and they are now friends and if Rahat not with her sister to feed his anger and hostility Musarat may not actually be such a terrible mamaani in eventually.

It was an entertaining episode with a good performance, I hope that the story Manaal the progress now as he was stuck for a while. However Murad mother can see her great skills a huge dowry she will bring with her. I mean how can you buy a book for someone as a gift for his birthday and I do not know what it is? Dialogues, body language and expression everything was in place. They both deserve each other. Again Yasra Risvi Ik it was nice to look kaajch the screen. It was Manaal Karim granddaughter Hamdaan Shah influential tycoon if for some reason she was going to miss his wedding or disappear and the beautician had nothing to do with it, it can not only be arrested and lose your business but will episodee end up in jail.


Also delima Manaal about how to convey your feelings to the Diam was also fun. Moeed and Joey again on good terms the family had forgotten and forgiven Joya Rahat and for all that they put Manaal diameter and up to the end even to death Baan Jaan in. I really liked the attitude of her husband Irfan, who is not as rare as people think. Dialogues have been a strong point from the first day and still after 11 episodes writer very successfully uses the power of dialogue and discussions to make us laugh cry and think.

One daant from his wife was enough to get what little hamdardi he had in his heart for Manaal from it. She saved the day again. It is not what you would call a good marriage material. According to last week episode I was a bit apprehensive about what exactly had made Joey in mind and how it plans to use Manaal. ZID ego or whatever you want to call it is still a major factor.

Haseeb father but while he is in the first place.

Joey tries to seduce Moeed again and again but gurkya time the problem itself Moeed. Faiza Iftikhar deserves a lot of credit Manaal knows that she cannot live in an abusive relationship. Bile has proven time and again that Manaal very fortunate to have a loyal friend like her.

Kaanch Ki Guriya Episode 16 Full – Geo Tv

He married Manaal for their money and come back to it. The third track childless sister Rehana Murat also moved to the tempo.

Fahad Mutapha Fahad Sir Ghaida for you plays Murad already studying for their masters and chased like a rabbit fox his marriage khalazaad cousin Deeba Sana Askheri. After watching this episode I can see Joya and Moeed with made for each other written on them. The story revolves around mainly four sets of interrelated families. I am so excited.

AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors.

Kaanch Ki Guriya – Episode 16

Faiza Episide you have a way with words. No fancy words not long declarations of true love no drama, no holding hands and long and unnecessary eye contact just a few simple but very sweet sentences and we knew guriiya they were both in love.


But it is heart breaking to see how Manaal diameter and suffer in silence. The conversation between father and son was quite reasonable when he saw MOID was not ready to marry Joya he epispde it at that and did not try to emotionally blackmail her son. Joey clearly said Rahat she was not going to marry MOID and she was interested in Zaid and thanks to their constant arguing Rahat ended up in the hospital with angina attack.

So his idea was very practical and shocking to the ladies in the family … he said Manaal she had the opportunity to file for divorce. Her mamoo felt guilty from the first day and now after so much to set back he may be ready to give Manaal chance to hear her side of the story. True love however need a little prompting after two meetings between the limited Umaima and Murad have firing incident in Karachi and Murad drags reluctant Umaima on his motorcycle and takes her home.

Hamdaan Shah is now smiling comfortable in her presence he no longer feels the need to restrain. Good action beautifully balanced story and the direction that pushes the story forward and not long scenes and dialogues on forged.

We did not get to see Shabnam and Shujat this week and honestly they do not miss I do not mind if I do not get to see in the last episode. Now this is what I feel a little strange.

Shuja really trying to do something in their own way once in a while but even for this it needs the guuriya and support of one of the women in his family.

Hamdaan Shah was finally getting a gueiya to marry his granddaughter he missed the opportunity when his daughter married. If she were to escape Diam They did not have to go back, not without nikkah. So much can happen in just 24 hours. Dia will be kicked out and Baba Jaan would not even like to see Manaal.

Hopefully we will see that it is experimenting with different roles and looks kaancy the future as well. Finally Mamo made an appearance and not only that, but this time he was actually given dialogues. I was under the impression that he would have a heart attack but would survive and be furious with Diam and Manaal. It leads to believe that after these two are still capable of at least a little good.