Mechanics Yes, you will actually be trapped in a room. As you sift through more mail, you notice that more than half of the hate mail has come from that one lunatic fan. As more questions come to your head, a light shines from the other room. You believe in yourself. What used to be a weekly gamenight schedule in your teenage years have slowly turned into a rarity: One thing is for sure, though, you know you shouldn’t be there. New Movies Release Date January

This game is open for those aged 1 to years old! You open your eyes and find yourself in a cage. Could it be a magic wand? We can also bring the activities to the location of your choice! Now that you’re old and grey, people are saying otherwise. You try to force your way out but to no luck. An elderly couple finds you shivering in the dark.

With your team, you need to observe and use your environment to find hidden objects, decipher clues and solve puzzles to unlock different stages until you finally Breakout from the room. Greenbelt 5 Branch Paranoia An asylum was shut down after patients had a series of inexplicable deaths.

Most recently, this experience has been taken to the next level by being brought to real life! You stumbled upon it long ago as you rummaged through your grandma’s old things.


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Nobody was talking; and yet, voices were heard. Could it be a magic wand? It looks eerily familiar.

Abduction You open your eyes and find yourself in a cage. He locked you in and is now challenging you to identify him by name. What if it leads to more questions than answers? What do Sj wear? Expect us to get back to you within 24 hours for your room reservation confirmation and bank deposit details.

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Is that the special someone? Ready to sleep with the lights on? If so, what exactly was he doing down there and more importantly, what exactly was he so afraid of?

You’re being taken into inzidious whole new 8-BIT dimension Or will you be trapped forever? Failure to do so will cancel your reservation. We also constantly change the puzzles and combinations of the locks.

You find a hidden passage going up to an attic you never knew existed. You must survive the room.

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If you really are a fairy, why did you age? Of course this was a wild claim and nobody believed him… until the next day. For partial cancellation if some participants cannot make itthe same policies will apply. Everybody knows your every move. You have 45 minutes to escape before the drug syndicate’s Boss arrives. A stranger’s voice begins to talk from the recording.


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This is the quickest and easiest way to guarantee your preferred room, date and timeslot for you and your friends. You find a note from the same so-called numer 1 fan. Do I have to be smart to join?

And then it hit you. You have 45 minutes. Serendra BGC Branch Press Play “There’s nothing like these retro games” you said to yourself as you plugged in a foreign gaming console you found in a pile of antique items. You and your friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking you’ll get away with the perfect heist. Do you have what it takes to Breakout on your own? Are you ready to find em who cihema BFF really is?