The legality of downloading Harmy’s Despecialized Edition is contentious. Man I love that these projects are happening. You finally can again. Harmy’s initiative–and the passion of the Original Trilogy forum crowd, who kept him going through the more tedious editing moments–are rare examples of Internet dissatisfaction leading to something genuinely amazing and productive. In addition to the highest number of new visual effects, Star Wars suffered a heavily-skewed color palette, to the point that flesh tones begin to take on incredibly rosy complexions. Fans rallied around the Despecialized editions around the time Star Wars was released on Blu-ray with even more unnecessary changes. Share to the Archives. Obi-Wan’s hut outside shot 4.

Effects can be re-done. Seems like we’re both saying pretty much the same thing, just arguing over seblantics a bit. I’ll stick with the blu-ray special editions that have everything from onward. What is going to give me the best viewing experience in p? Like all their fan edits, this one is meant to be viewed by people who already paid for and own a copy of Star Wars in some form–this is not meant for public sale or distribution. BluRays or DeSpecialized Editions? Adding more gizmos to R2 when he gets shot by the Jawas 3. There are also audio commentaries available from the Laserdiscs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, with Star Wars also presenting a rare official website podcast commentary by Pablo Hidalgo.

Move over Harmy’s Despecialized Star Wars, it looks like we have a new contender!

Oct 25, 2, France. I forget that that sort of thing usually gets leaked online early. They felt like Star Wars. Oct 29, 3, MUCH nicer than any official release. Oct 27, 8, Southern California.

For those who remember. Are you sure of your numbers? The difference between and becomes quite noticeable on a screen larger than bblu inches, and especially on something like a 55″.

I just watched all three p on a 47″ TV and the quality is insane. If only Lucas could be the same. I actually hadn’t heard that the prequel effects were done at that low a resolution.

Best HD Viewing Experience: BluRays or DeSpecialized Editions? : StarWars

Seriously, pixels an inch across, but that’s what happens when you take and stretch it to a giant cinema screen. I don’t think there’s a pure-white surface in the entire first act of Empire.


For the record, I just watched Contact last light, and everything in it was true-to-life, so it aint my setup that’s off This lack of quality control is offensive, given the value of the franchise and the cost of the set. Re-introduce “Close the blast doors” line from the mono mix 5. I really don’t know what people are talking about here when they say you should go from Blu-Ray if you want visual quality. In addition hqrmy cutting out Special Edition scenes, Harmy color corrected each film–which involved matching up all of his disparate source videos–to mimic the original versions as closely as possible.

For those who will never forget. Retrieved March 20, Watching the Deapecialized Edition isn’t about despecislized quality, it’s about wanting to see the original theatrical release. Look at it now, with new, acclaimed films in theaters, TV series killing it on the despecialzed screen, and fan productions restoring to us our most treasured memories of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, things are finally looking up.

Almost all the changes were an improvement, sans Hayden’s ghost in Episode 6. Obi-Wan’s krayt dragon call 2. Oct 25, 2, CGI rocks blocking in R2 3. I really need to get a 4k TV now. Except for Hoth, which is both too red and too blue. I can never go back to chimp eyes ESB Palpatine.

Thanks for the heads up, Brenden Like Like. There are pieces of Star Wars despefialized will forever be ingrained in my mind. The p original is by default going to have more information than the p downscale. Limited Edition Star Wars: Moana DVD, New falcon taking off scene ANH neutral changes 1. Despedialized tractor beam controls to use Aurebesh lettering 5.

Correct Vaders lightsaber appearing white 6. Oct 28, The flight through the trench looks fantastic, for example. This is the Star Wars that fans have been begging, pleading, and offering their souls in exchange for. Greedo does not shoot, there is no Jabba at the Millennium Falcon, none of the “special edition” add ons are to be seen anywhere in any of the three movies.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Also the DVDs that have the original versions as bonus discs were released innot Oct 30, Am I in the minority of “de-specialized” advocates with being fine with the episode iv subtitle?

The video is pulled from a number of sources, some as low-resolution as LaserDisc. I’m just saying that there’s not nearly as much detail in the p BR as there should be, and a downscale of the BR to p doesn’t lose nearly as much as it would for most other Blu-Rays. If you shrink the Blu-Ray down to p resolution, then upscale that to p again, the upscaled version doesn’t have much if any of a visible difference compared to the original p Blu-Ray.

Star Wars Despecialized Edition Gets a Remastered Release

Sean Hutchinson of Inverse placed Harmy’s Despecialized Despeecialized at number one on his list of the bul Star Wars fan edits and called them “the perfect pre way to experience the saga”. Oh my god that looks incredible. That’s approximately 8K resolution, but would ideally be remastered in 16K to be sure to avoid data loss.

Move over Harmy’s Despecialized Star Wars, it looks like we have a new contender! I swear it was outputting as such on my equipment….

Star Wars Despecialized Edition Gets a Remastered Release – Tested

Log in or sign up in seconds. Want to add to the discussion? And due to the “scope” framing, their effective resolution is closer to p than p. The Jabba scenes is just