Does it go to ? This time we continue to further existing fueds Follow all the rules of Reddiquette , especially the witch hunt and piracy rules. WWE 2k14 Universe Mode – Or if you want to do a tag team, look out for the GOALS showing they are thinking about it, and push that angle. Community Creations Request Thread – Need a specific creation? This does not affect our policy on self-promotion; please do not spam your channels to this subreddit for clicks. We have moved on from our rival after injuring him in a match.

This is played on the Xbox Posts that violate these rules will be removed. Start here – https: On this episode of Raw: Gore and Perkins 2 years ago. Christmas is really coming!!! Submit a new link. Wwe2k17 is epic Gore and Perkins 2 years ago.

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Wwe 2K14 Universe Mode Gore And Perkins

They’re effectively almost like one of the McMahons taking the wrestler aside backstage and suggesting to them a push for their career. There’s all of these options in Universe and while it’s time consuming, it’s so worth it in the long run to go through them and fix them all.

My Roman vs Rhodes rivalry has been prgressing lovely each match there’s cutscenes I’ve never seen, I got to “retaliate” after a roll up pin, that was great.


So I just make up rivalries in my head and do that. Thanks for giving me a second of your time: Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Hope You guys enjoy this episode and leave a like down below Next I have the fix for you! Here we start our versus series Ben’s channel: The last stop for our Start here – https: WWEGames subscribe unsubscribe 36, readers users here now Welcome! Nba 2k16 brooklyn nets my gm ep 1 EliteLegendary HD 2 years ago. Any of these sorts of low quality videos recorded in the dark on a fuzzy phone cam will mostly be removed unless it shows some brand new feature prrkins “proves” it is real.

This is a place where you can discuss anything related to professional wrestling games! C Title and Reigns Or if you want to do a tag team, look out for the GOALS showing they are thinking about it, and push that angle.

You want to push a new wrestler on a brand, www the Universe mode hasn’t booked them a match.

WWE 2K18 | Universe Mode – THE DRAFT (Series 1)

A fatal fourway womens match for the no. She’s not in a rivalry, but her goal of wanting to go solo and she was booked in a tag team match I believe it sparked a cutscene. We have moved on from our rival after injuring 2k1 in a match. Run a Universe blog or CAW e-fed that could use more members? Idk, the rivalry system is great when I guess it wants to wwwe. In which if Ben loses, the Majestical Cup is Gore’s. Show support for the series by leaving a thumbs up and a comment.


How do I make Universe Mode Much more fun and better : WWEGames

AKI Man Promo cwfoficial 6 years ago. They beat the brakes off the Hype Bros and I disbanded the Hype bros. Factions, Stables, Teams, Shows and more! Who will come out with the gold, who will get there revenge against there bitter rival?

Every Saturday, the rules on self promotion see below are lifted and creators are free to post anx content! The Royal Rumble brought to you by is the Also watch the entire video if your name isn’t Just ask and anyone can step in to help. Repeatedly breaking the rules will result in a ban. The usual rules on self promotion remain in effect on other days. It is time to dive into a new world or maybe I should say universe This subreddit is not for self-promotion. I ended up with a 10 match RAW card last night using the promo glitch, and in two of the created matches I had cutscenes witch started “growing rivalries”.