Its serving hall and former tap-room garden had been home to concerts, political rallies, and boxing matches since the turn of the century. Hitler was hugely enthusiastic about the sport, says Roger Repplinger, author of a semi-fictional account of Trollmann’s life “Leg dich, Zigenuer” Lie down, Gypsy. In , the German Boxing Association finally gave something back to him. The structure is made of concrete, its base slopes steeply in one direction and a dozen concrete spherical objects resembling boxing gloves cling to the ropes. It took five rounds for Johann—who stood his ground and endured a thorough battering—to be knocked out. Six days later, however, he was again stripped of the title. Rukeli, like most Sinti, was family-oriented—though he married somewhat later in life than most, at age 28, to a non-Sinti Berliner called Olga Bilda. A new fight was scheduled for 21 July, with Gustav Eder as Trollmann’s opponent.

He took the blows of his opponent as he was asked for five rounds before he collapsed. He proved there was no such thing as Aryan superiority, either physically or in the hearts of the public. Miles Davis and Boxing. The ceremony to mark the unveiling of the Stolperstein for Johann Trollmann will take place at 3 FidicinStrasse on July 1 at 4: A ban on Roma and Sinti would soon follow. Now he was brought low, starved and exhausted from hour days of slave labor. Did he return from battle a weary, defeated man, or as ferocious and defiant as ever? Johann Trollmann was a young boxing star when the Nazis came to power.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the title was stripped from him again within the week.


His fame quickly grew into the trolllmann s, and he became known for his “dancing” style; his good looks turned him into something of a heartthrob.

What we do rtollmann is grollmann, lost in the chaotic waves of war, the civilian Johann was imprisoned once more. After that evening, Trollmann, though he was not yet thirty years old, had put his best days behind him. He proceeded to beat the fighter with a shovel until he was dead. Production company Pinguin Studios Bremen. The prisoners committee decided to act.


Gibey took five rounds for Johann—who stood his ground and endured a thorough battering—to be knocked out. He tried to keep a low profile, but the camp commandant had been a boxing official before the war and recognized Trollmann. The Last Inca Peru’s up-and-coming boxing star. He powdered his body white with flour and dyed his hair blond — becoming the caricature of an Aryan.

In the German boxing federation officially decided to recognize Trollmann as the winner of the championship. For more information in German go to http: A child with half-gypsy blood was an unwelcome addition to any German household under the Fulm and so, byJohann made the first of many painful compromises.

In he was drafted into the Wehrmachtand fought on the eastern front. Semi-documentary drama about Johann Rukeli Trollmann, one of fim most promising talents in German boxing in the late s and early s. But this time he was ordered to fight in the “German style,” which meant standing still and trading blows.

Once they secured political power inthe Nazis were quick to take control of a sport which had become hugely popular in the Weimar Republic. This ended his career. He was even wounded in battle before he was ejected—once again, for racial reasons.


What followed was both a farce and, in some ways, a moral victory for Trollmann. This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat Gallery All Pictures 7.

Miles Davis and Boxing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 11 October Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. At only 29, his family should have been growing. In my own family we lost many relatives in Auschwitz and an appreciation of our dead is very important for our self-image, for our identity,” he says.


It was a perfect replica of a boxing ring gibbsy concrete—with posts and ropes intact. The money was good and winning, not skin color, was the only thing that mattered.

Speaking to Manuel before he died, Albert recalled the increasing violence of Nazi threats to the Trollmann family. Before long, he would fall victim to the Nazi genocide. Far from being just a static memorial, however, the site, unveiled on June 9, the 77th anniversary of Trollmann’s title victory, has been the stage for a series of talks and concerts this summer.

Witt was the favourite to win, particularly among the members of the newly-powerful National Socialist Party.

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She sees his last major appearance as a statement: He was doused from head to toe in thick white flour, his flop of blue-black hair dyed peroxide blonde. The Nazi troll,ann had an immediate effect on the boxing world, with party members taking up positions as top officials in the federation and Jews were immediately banned from the sport.

They faked his trollann and managed to get him transferred to the adjacent camp of Wittenberge under an assumed identity. After a barrage of death threats, he obtained a divorce, hoping to protect his wife and daughter. He was years-old, and just one of the estimated half-million Sinti and Roma murdered by the Nazis. Location manager Manuela Rusch.

Trollmann, of Sinti heritage, arrived the day of the match with his hair dyed blonde and his face whitened with flour, the caricature of an Aryan.

Nearby, a plaque bearing a photograph of a handsome young man in boxing gloves clears up trollmaann confusion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unit production manager Petra Janzen.