It is led by our Brgy. It is a two day training aiming to help thestudents to become the leaders of leaders.. Parts of the letter. Your targetAt the end of this activity, the students should be able to describe the interaction pattern thatoccurs between the teachers and learners as provided in the curriculum. My Observation Report on Interaction Name: Wide range of reference books and textbooks.

Hmm…Is your teacher in your classroom? In the classroom student shares their own point of view as a part of the community. There are also pupils who think that they know more than anyone else, like a coworker you can find in any businesses or organizations. Develop a portfolio of your assessment plan. Reflect on how the stakeholders participate in school activities. How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curricular plans to specific theories and principles of curriculum development? Learning environment find time to discuss them with your b.

FS 106 : Exploring The Curriculum

Slide shows and videos. Why is a classroom a miniature of a greater society? Teacher — to — teacher interaction patterns: Your Map In your observation, please do the following steps: Rono ask many cheat. Visual aids, slide show.

I know educationao have the talent because I have seen your sketches in your notebook. Dialogue is important but the teacher should have a control of the time allotted to it.

At the end of this activity, I should be able to describe through my reflection of epiode the school promotes partnership and dialogue. FS 4 Exploring the Curriculum. One of the disadvantages is that when a student is not willing or not interested to the conversation will become a distraction and ruins the flow of the dialogue. It only exist because we just need to learn from our experiences. Observe the interaction between and among students, teachers, and other school personnel.


Visit a school and examine their calendar of activities.

Your Map 2, take note of the different learning 3. Some are working hard while some plays hard. It also helps students to develop or exercise their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The assessment method used was a formative type of assessment through giving a quiz during the discussion in order to determine whether the students gained understanding of the lesson before ending the lesson. You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, the dialogue is very limited to reflect as bridbing Socratic method was obvious connecting with the designs and communication patterns.

Aside from ecucational teachers, who else should be involved in the curriculumplanning?

FS 4 Exploring the Curriculum

Strictly for their welfare. Wide range of reference books and textbooks. Other references for the topic. Student to student interactions are the interactions takes long period of time when they see each other. Successfully reported this slideshow. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Teacher Potter The teacher and the pupil is like, The potter and his pot; Who loves his pupils a lot; And creates his jar with a knot. At the end of this activity, we should be able to give some principles involved in designing the curriculum.


Please use the space below. Primarily, we can find different personalities inside the classroom so as in a society.

Field Study 4 by Jay Ar Aspero | jayaraspero

Classroom dialogue produces interaction in the discussion. They chat a lot and share ideas and information. Field study 4 1. Participles in an Idiomatic Expressions. Molave Bliss Elementary School Your Target At the end of this activity, you should be able to deliberate on the principles involved in designing the curriculum and the learning activities provided.

At the end of this episode, you should be able to deliberate on the principles involved in designing the curriculum and the learning activities provided. Its significance helps us to understand the principles and theories of curriculum development that lead us to become more eager to be in the field.