That’s the whole trouble with this family-we keep things bottled up too much. By profession, Zooey was an actor, a leading man, in television, and had been for a little more than three years. But that’s exactly what brought on this letter-much more than Bessie’s insistence that I write to you about Ph. Meantime, I can only say that neither Seymour nor I ever had a notion, that far back, that you were going to grow up into an actor. Be a good boy and” pass that message along for me. Now, listen to me, Bessie. We will, however, leave this Buddy Glass in the third person from here on in.

In the second place, I talked to her for two solid hours last night, and I don’t think she frankly wants to talk to any goddam one of us today. I wept like a slob on the plane for five solid hours. It shone full on Franny’s hair, which was jet-black and very prettily cut, and had been washed three times in as many days. The only difference is that it’s brought gloriously up to date with a lot of jargon about complexes and repressions and sublimations that the writer brought home from his analyst’s. He’s discovering the Village. She’s had almost no sleep. She watched him put the cap on the tube of shaving lather. Year after year, plainly, all seven scrapbooks stood ready to be perused or pored over by old close friends of the family and casual visitors alike, as well as, presumably, the odd part-time cleaning woman.

The painters are almost finished in her room, and they’re going to want to get in the living room immediately after lunch. Glass’s guard was already up. Glass, bristling, said, “Certainly I’m listening!

Even though his head was slightly down, a considerable amount of blood had flowed out of his face. He was twelve during most of the sessions, and it’s possible that the train rides-ten of them-held some attraction for him, at least in the beginning.

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He sat down on the radiator, despite the heat or because of it-and began to put on his socks. For ten years or more, both of her daughters had often, if impotently, conspired to throw out this veteran kimono.


She lit a fresh cigarette almost at once, and said, as pointedly as she was able, “Anyway, your Miter says he’s a brilliant boy. Seymour once said to me-in a crosstown bus, of all places-that all legitimate religious study must lead to unlearning gilm differences, the illusory differences, between boys and girls, animals and stones, day and night, heat and cold. A small bathroom scale stood beside the radiator.

At the San Remo, yet. She watched Zooey take down a comb and re-part his hair. He passed the flat of teljws hand squeakily back and forth over the face of the medicine-cabinet mirror, wiping away most of the mist. What I’m really trying to tell you is that Bessie’s letter had very little to do with my sitting down in a sea of ashtrays to write to you today.

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And that professional writers of a type love to reproduce verbatim:. A typewritten manuscript was lying, face up, on the bathmat. There, in almost incestuously close juxtaposition, seven scrapbooks of newspaper and magazine clippings had been bracketed, at the bindings, directly into the plaster. But she was insulted, and a trifle hurt. LeSage or whatever his ffolott is-was going to drop it off with the doorman before he-” “It came, it came,” Zooey said.

I could’ve killed him, I swear to God. And in the third place, if you don’t get out of this bathroom I’m going to set fire to this ugly goddam curtain. I know one thing. And he has a problem.

Then, dismantling his razor, he filmm, “You’re so stupid, Bessie. Glass blinked her eyes, just once, and Zooey instantly looked away from her face. It’s full of melting-pot types. Do you or don’t you want it? Despite the extraordinary fineness of his features, and his age, and his general stature- clothed, he could easily have passed for a young, underweight danseur-the cigar was not markedly unbecoming to tegex. Glass, who did some of her most inspired, most perpendicular thinking on the threshold of linen closets, had bedded down her youngest child on the couch between pink percale sheets, and covered her with a pale-blue cashmere afghan.

I think he goes into the men’s room and musses it up before he comes to class-I honestly do. The Prayer is rising. She grappled briefly with Bloomberg, trying to coerce him into a docile lap-cat’s repose. For another, cigars, with Zooey, were not in any patent way a young man’s teljse.


I may be peculiar, but Fllm don’t happen to. By now, when he was twenty-five, the little stratagem may well have been mostly reflexive, just as a veteran baseball player, at the plate, will tap his spikes with his bat whether he needs to or not. I’d folotr about one minute of solitude in here-rude as it may sound. Listen, why haven’t you asked them in here? Franny, still squinting, stared at him.

Your father and I played on the same bill with his parents for years.

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You’re old enough to at least try for some kind of kindness when you’re feeling mean. I don’t think that’s nice at all.

He’s been very sweet, and he’s terribly concerned and worried about Franny. A four-story private school for girls stood directly across the side street-a stolid and rather aloofly anonymous-looking building that rarely came alive till about three-thirty in the afternoon, when public-school children from Third and Second Avenues came to play jacks or stoopball on its stone steps.

He went on using the nail file. Very notably, with no exceptions that I know of, his experiences in the apparently divergent fields of clinical, social, and newsstand psychology had been costly for him, as though the places where he was examined had been uniformly alive with either highly contagious traumas or just plain old-fashioned germs.

Have you ever seen a really beautiful production of, say, The Cherry Orchard? I’m a horrible jinx.

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Why don’t you eat something? As it happened, Zooey had made a formal and serious debut as a public performer at the age tejles seven. This goddam house is lousy with smilers. For a terribly simple reason, really. I was crying, and I kept saying to everybody, ‘You have your bathing suits on.