They found out nothing up until now. I’ve already prepared some at the kitchen. Don’t hurt us even more. No matter what the doctor says about my brother, it won’t make us happy. Oh, it was a smooth flight really. Your little sis missed you so much. I received the news from my friends.

His phone is off, he’s on the plane it seems. What else am I supposed to do? How and where did he come from I didn’t see until I heard his voice. Your children need you, too. Your little sis missed you so much. It took so long!

Fatmagülün suçu ne Summary of episodes 1-3

You made a killer out of your brother! Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. A fishing boat would also do, all right? Since you came home she’s been whispering you somethings.

Why wouldn’t I have it?

Manager, I’m begging you. We’re right behind you, abi.

This was your plan! I can’t stand their existence anymore. She won’t listen to anything you have to say. Please come with me for your statement. Munir and Selim Bey will be with him.


I hit him with oblum shovel. I couldn’t take my sister to the doctor today. His phone is off, he’s on the plane it seems. It was a very successful operation. It’ll be more than enough to show him that we’re here for him.

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They always find a way to pull us into trouble. Even wanted to kill him with my hands. Please let me talk to him for a minute. With minimum risk for complications. Get whatever crazy report there is.

I was far away. Change his boum then feed him. Then Rahmi will stand trial for deliberately killing someone. They caught him alone in a desolate subway and tried to kill him. Got a YouTube account?

I was going to the taxi stand. I’ll just say something and then I’ll go. It is you who are retarded, because you’re making fun of my defects!

I bet he’s still sleeping after a drunk night. Go ahead, ask your own lawyer whether he would stand trial for willingly attempting to kill a man, or not.


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They need to sbutitles what it means to slander and try to kill someone. Tell them we’re bringing the patient over. We can’t say anything about it right now. My head is filled with thoughts. When he didn’t return I went to search for him. The operation went successfully.