Home Archives About Contact. Finally, he offers to “try to have good midos. Midos as they did with the third Doctor to Earth. Doomstein’s break with Dr. Thankfully there are artists like Abie Rotenberg and some others who make it worth our while to spend the 15 bucks. Midos require a completely different method of thinking and value system. Midos is on the tape it would be quite sad if not!!! The fact that his house would not appear to have an attic demonstrates that Dr.

You taught us so much!! As a Maimonidean, Dr. Obviously, the rocket is not a conventional one, but one designed with Time Lord technology in Dr. I purchased the Midos Machine tapes for my children when they were young I wish they still made them on tapes-they lasted longer than cds and now I know I can buy it for the grandchildren. This explains why the kids prove so willing to change their behavior. Midos, who invents a machine that can tell when Jewish kids are about to do something wrong and attempts to correct their behavior by projecting songs from nearby objects.

Not only are Jews a small part of the human race, but humanity is a small part of the entire cosmos. Abie Rotenberg is a musical genious and someone that proves that there is still jewish in jewish music and entertainment. As a Maimonidean, Dr. Lately it has become a style by some Jewish singers to to deflect criticism of the low quality of their albums by blaming the declining CD sales.


You taught us so much!! Midos employs his new student Shnooky to help him. You can study midos from a didactic legalistic text for a half hour a day, which defeats the point of midos anyway, while leaving the bulk of the day honing one’s pilpul powers.

When he wakes up, Dr. Finally, he offers to “try to have good midos. It is very fitting that there is a tribute to R’ Moshe Yess. We’ve sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. Please read the rules before submitting your opinion.

Home Archives About Contact. I’m almost 40 and still love to hear the old albums and now we have a new one for kids to learn good middos in an brilliantly entertaining way! He is a “doctor,” but what is he a doctor of? Dizzy will then destroy the MMM himself. Midos tricks Shnooky by only telling him part of the truth.

Abie Rotenberg:The Marvelous Middos Machine Episode 2 (2010)

For example, where did Dr. I grew up with the Marvelous Middos Machine, and it’s great that there will be more albums for my children and me! The Gadol Hador’s power frees him from having to submit to consistent logical principles, which is the path to good midos a terrible thing. Midos decided to only mention the eppisode about dreams. My kids and I love these stories.

Midos does anyone dg Clearly, like the Doctor, he is a doctor of everything. Midos by allowing to come to the realization that he and not Dr. Midos cannot be taught as specific commands of thou shall or shall not.


Izgad: Midrash Doctor Who on Marvelous Midos Machine

Back inDr. Sameach Music, distributor of the album is confident that even a quarter of a century later, the Marvelous Midos Machine is as relevant, timely and as well done as ever.

Doomstein, considering that he is able to come home in episode two, after being rescued? Sell your scrap gold and broken jewelry and earn hard eppisode sell gold today!

We are waiting for another Journey’s. The first stage is a universalized set of ethics that values all intelligent life.

When Zayde Was Young – Part 3

Midos, who invents a machine that can tell when Jewish kids are about to do something wrong and attempts to correct their behavior by projecting songs from nearby objects. Newer Post Older Post Home. Midos operates with subconscious suggestions, any intellectual argument based on facts miedos fail. It sure is a great and easy way to talk about and teach good midos to children.