Jung Won I’ve need to help my mother run errands, I’ll leave first. Are you home safely? Your smile fills my day of life. I’m sorry that I love you. Go with me and visit her in the hospital, okay? Look at this girl. I don’t want to see you smiling. The phone number you dialed is unable to get through, please leave a message after the beep.

With you speaking with an accent in a different dialect , who will be scared? How many steps are there? Be honest, you didn’t trip, right? Hey, Yoon Jung Won! Until now, I’ve been feeing really sorry in this position. Yeah, nice to meet

So this is today’s important meeting?

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How is your sister? Do well, see you tomorrow. Let go of her.

He’s having a hard time. You know Eun Gyu? I don’t really doremifasolasifo it here. What is there to be so confused about? Because I’m selfish, so what? I’m the one who made you be in such state, you should give me a chance, you fool. He’s my best friend, let me introduce you to him.


Wouldn’t you be hurting? It would be good if we had Hee Won oppa around. If its you, would you not report it to the police?

Doremifasolasido (도레미파솔라시도) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

Girls bought them for me. This is already the 6th time. Thinking of it in a sweet way. Let go of me. He even said that he dorremifasolasido to get the bonus and bring Unnie to the beach. Yeah, I am princess. Now, there’s really no one by my side anymore. If not, you will know what will happen, right?

Where are you touching?! Yeah, for a short period I can’t accompany you to play, try to understand. I don’t want to meet her, even in my dreams.

Do it again and I won’t let you off. Did you not get enough beatings the other time? But I feel that if I don’t have you, I can’t sing anymore. Shouldn’t you be in school at this time?

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Why shoud I be worried? If I bump into you on the street, pretend you don’t know me. I don’t know it.


doremifasolasiddo Let’s do it once. So this is how it is. Is the date when we will start anew. Will there really be alot of people coming? Isn’t your neck hurt? Are you able to kick that person terribly in front of me? Didn’t you said you want to start smiling again? Don’t cry, don’t cry. Do you really want to die?

DoReMiFaSoLaSiDo (English Subtitle)

I’m really having a hard time now. You’ll look really good if you wear it What?

I am Eun Gyu. What I mean is that it’s hurting my pride. Can’t I fall in love with older people? Nuna, your brother is hungry, can you make me something to eat? Na Ri, don’t interfere.