The quality of scientific work must be judged irrespective of the reesults. Only few, very few of us are actually capable of advancing science. The University therefore requested the retraction of this article. Dutch investigators have released their final report into the case of Diederik Stapel , the social scientist and erstwhile faculty member at Tilburg University who fabricated data in 55 articles and book chapters. The question now is: Thanks to a number of Retraction Watch readers who flagged this item for us. The footnote explains that this was not judged as scientific misconduct because Pankaj Dhonukshe had reacted immediately after it was told to him that there were problems with certain parts in a paper eg, Pankaj reported immediately to the editors of Nature that there might be problems with certain parts of a paper in Nature, this e-mail is also found in the link.

Gill on his website asks: I need to disclose that I am one of the lunatic fringe for whom social psychology has always raised eyebrows. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Diederik Stapel faces criminal inquiry for misuse of funds. Smeesters could not produce the raw data behind the findings, and told the committee that he cherry-picked the data to produce a statistically significant result. Social psychology is a rotten discipline overrun by leftist ideologues.

Follow Follow this blog Get every new post smeesgers right to your inbox. The University of Amsterdam has called for the retraction of a paper by two psychology researchers after a school investigation concluded that the article contained bogus data, the Dutch press are reporting.

Continue reading Retraction appears for paper by social psychologist Dirk Smeesters Share this: It can be labelled as misconduct only when the researcher goes further than error and sloppiness and does not modify his procedure after serious and well-founded criticism.

See appendix 1 page 6 and 7 at http: Dirk mentioned a finding on social exclusion that he had; I had an interest in why people seek variety. We came up with what rettaction thought was an interesting hypothesis to test that related to previous work on variety seeking, some of dlrk is my own.

Following investigation, Erasmus social psychology professor retracts two studies, resigns

The question now is: Naturally, this case highlights that Stapel was just the tip of the ice-berg there is much more to come.


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When Retraction Watch readers think of problematic psychology research, their minds might naturally turn to Diederik Stapel, who now has 54 retractions under his belt.

For example, recent entries have discussed Fujii anesthesia zmeesters retractions, Boldt anesthesia with 90 retractions, and Potti oncology with 10 retractions.

Seems a lot like Stapel to me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Erasmus University in Rotterdam has issued its final report on psychologist Dirk Smeesters, concluding that the former Erasmus faculty member had committed research misconduct in a total of seven papers.

He specifically refers to marketing and to an extent social psychology when making this remark. You seem to know mr. The four articles are: Continue reading Following investigation, Erasmus social psychology professor retracts two studies, resigns. Neither one of us ran the questionable studies in these papers, drk neither one of is us guilty. No effort is made to emphasize the world-shaking importance of the learning experiment; rather it is presented as a straightforward, simple study.

It is the mission of Science to detect false information and wipe it away asap. Pressure to publish and data manipulation is certainly not limited to the social sciences. From my understanding his data showed flagrant smeestets rampant fraud. Maybe this is a direction for future social psychology research, maybe not. So when the data streamed every few months, it was hardly suspicious. To me this makes the conclusion of the report highly questionable.

Here are my initial findings, including R code so that more people can do more experiments, or tell me if mine are retrqction and critique of the statistical methodology of the Erasmus-CWI report: Talents are not distributed evenly and in a capitalistic meritocratic society, those without will be disappointed and left behind.

Otherwise it would be much trickier to get away with these things. Well, many of us can only guess. His research on unconscious influences on human perception and behavior, the psychology of money, social comparison, and mortality salience has been published in the leading academic marketing and psychology journals, such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Psychological Science.

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Dirk Smeesters was a friend to many of us, a very nice guy. He was a good critic of research. The variety seeking paper, for instance, started in a delightful conversation that I had with Dirk when I visited Erasmus.

First, the uni website mentions two articles that have been retracted but when you read the report can be requested at their press office but is in dutch you will notice that they talk about at least three articles were fraud is obvious. You have your missing suspect paper, with another researcher to add to the mix of affected infected?

Yesterday, Dutch tv news reported the professor has resigned. This retraction follows the results of an investigation by the Committee for Inquiry into Scientific Integrity, Erasmus University Rotterdam, into the work of Dirk Smeesters. We can be ignored — a la Smeesters. Make that two retractions for Dirk Smeesters. On a different note, this case highlights once again a key shortcoming of experiments in social sciences. This change of focus will allow for higher-quality field, will make the developed ideas more generally accepted, increase honest and high-quality research, and decrease the pressure of finding highly unlikely, yet astonishing effects which fosters data manipulation to produce these highly unlikely effects.

Besides that, this investigation was not focused on Smeesters who was not working anymore at Erasmus but on the scientific integrity of 22 papers by Smeesters with an Erasmus affiliation. He smeesterx trying to justify his own behavior by throwing marketing and social psych under the bus.

I have seen the Journal smesters Consumer Research, which was once a very marketing-oriented journal, move further and further away towards a experimental psych journal. I get the feeling that topics like this are getting more attention in the field of social psychology, which I rrtraction welcome. Erasmus tells Retraction Watch that these are the two papers being retracted: The quality of scientific work must be judged irrespective of the reesults. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Dear Guido, please read carefully the footnote on page 26 at http: