But yeah, the way Yoon Joo was treated by that family. Han Se-kyung then asks Cha Seung-jo fiercely on whom he actually is. Looking forward to everyone in their next drama. She seems to be the most well developed character with lots of depth. I just have to share my favorite lines in this episode that tells so much: She thinks that Psycho-jo coming of his own accord is a good sign. I really loved what this drama stood for even if the execution had hiccups here and there. I feel the same about Park Shi Hoo except that it’s about his hapiness.

Thanks for the recaps! Not understanding her reference, Se-kyung explains that she needed to use somebody to enter Cheongdam-dong, and she chose Seung-jo. On the other hand, this episode also showed the bad side of Cheongdam-dong — the side that Seung-jo sees but no one else seems to. Assistant Manager Kim comes in with tea and she asks him about the drawing. Dong-wook thinks that people saw the effort in his painting. The inteviewers realize she is his former fiancee and change their tune:

He should stop saying his son is weak. It seems to be working on his relationship with Yoon-joo, as shown by the end of the episode.

They are interrupted by their respective men approaching them to ominous music in the OST. On the other hand, Han Se-kyung’s boyfriend wants to break up with her because he thinks he cannot let Han Se-kyung stay with him in poverty.

And oh my gosh, I’ll stop. I enjoyed most of the episodes save for ep 11 whereby In Hwa dominated the screen time. Tommy hurries her to the airport.

The same happened here. Se-kyung calls Dong-wook, promising to tell him details later, but for now, he needs to epieode Psycho-jo and check on him.


Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 16 (final) Recap

She saw him, childish and petty. He turns away from cheongda and then back and finally makes his Winston Episoee speech, complete with wagging finger and overacting. There were a lot of lighthearted moments in this drama that made it very addictive, and then there were the predictable moments that were standard in a Korean drama. Omigosh, do they sleep together? She receives a call from Il-nam, who wants her to leave Seung-jo now.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 15 Recap

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Episode 15 was yet another giant drag, only this time revealing something that further raises my ire with this story. He finds that his nightmare never ends — all these manipulative women must really exist if they keep appearing around him.

Maybe even twenty minutes.

And one will do anything to stay alive and live a good life with such love. I really like how they complement each other. He regrets his decision. This show has been the best that I have seen in quite awhile.

Daddy Cha and Psycho-jo. He reveals that his father never praised him and was always displeased with him. As soon as Se-kyung leaves, Seung-jo barges in wanting to know why Tommy and Se-kyung, who are naturally enemies, would be so friendly.

You never solicited headers, but this scene with PSH was so beautiful, I had to do something with it.

You were going to deny the reality and buy time?

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And they even wrote that se kyung STILL got what she wanted and got into a designer company despite everything that happened That he met Se-kyung with banter was so, so awesome. It does not always make for entertaining drama, though, so perhaps that is why the writer thought she needed to have the In-hwa sub-plot. I end up standing on epiisode soapbox. It had a hero being borderline psycho and 51 trying to generate a believable romantic pairing.


This drama isn’t completely just about aiming to marry into a rich family and live on 5th Ave. Is the inability to trust people or the inability to eplsode the world more difficult? After all, his father gave her 30, Euros, and the painting was bought for exactly that much. This is going to be fun also judging from the preview for epi 3!

I really wanted this marriage to work. He watches Se Kyung leave the house and follows her. Rexap Seung-jo sees Han Se-kyung leaving unhappily when he is about to go home. She always told Yoon-joo that her beauty was her good fortune. But I didn’t quite get the rest although I didn’t watch all of the episodes so it was wrong of me and that’s probably why I forgot the only “Wonderland scene”, so I’ll take your words for it, like Tommy Hong representing the Cheshire cat, etc.

Even when he was without – there was still dad back in Korea. The actor playing Tommy really grew on me the last 5 episodes.

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Skip to primary content. Her “official” boss In-hwa Kim Yoo-ri is the president’s younger sister, at 29 only two years older than Se-kyung, who became the youngest person to be appointed to her position.

The president liked the me before I changed.