Later, Beeji displays all the gifts that they will be giving to Nimmi. Moreover, he tells Jassi that he has decided to talk to Naren. Jassi assures that she inform them about the dates after discussing with Naren and consulting their family priest. Jassi is a young, happy-go-lucky girl married to Narendra, fondly called as Naren, who is working abroad to earn his livelihood. Though Ashok intervenes and tries to pacify Poonam, she chides him as well. Nimmi later expresses to Viren that she is doing this to free Viren from his family responsibilities so that post marriage both of them can concentrate only on each other.

Viren is shocked and tells Jassi that they will be in a big mess if she is really pregnant. Jassi and Viren plan to go to Jalandhar for the abortion to avoid anyone recognizing them. Soon, Naren arrives home and everyone is elated. Later, Jassi meets the family and is impressed to see the girl. Watch this intriguing episode of Aadhe Adhoore to find out what happens next. Viren thanks them all and plans a small get-together with his buddies.

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Beeji also gives the wedding card fjll them and everyone is elated as the big day is approaching near. Jassi is shocked when Poonam makes it clear that she has decided to sever her ties with her. Viren also assures Beeji that he will never agree to that condition.

Later, Nimmi meets Viren and informs him that their marriage date is fixed and they will be getting married after 20 days. On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying.


More Videos of Aadhe Adhoore. Jassi’s husband Narinder takes up a job in Sharjah after six months of marriage. However, Poonam rejects the alliance and walks away. Viren later apologises to Jassi and manages to pacify her.

Aadhe Adhoore

Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family. Jassi then takes Channi with her, to help her in the wedding preparations.

Viren and Jassi meet to discuss on the cashier from the abortion clinic, Jassi consoles Viren saying that he might not have recognized Viren. The next day, Beeji gets furious and chides Viren when she comes to know epispde he is not willing to get married. Viren is shocked to see the cashier and tries to avoid him. However, Jassi makes up a story and saves her day. Jassi fears that the dream may turn into reality.

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Adjure then introduces Viren to Channi. Nevertheless, the cashier does not say anything. The cashier at the clinic gets suspicious as Viren is looking very perturbed. Jassi is very happy as Naren has arrived after so many years. Jassi is irked and chides Viren for not informing her about his dinner plans. Jassi feels bad when Ashok tells her that his wife does not like his concerns for Channi.

Viren confronts Jassi and tries to make her realize that he has not changed and he still cares aashe her feelings. Will she succeed in her endeavour?

Jassi and Beeji feel offended, but do not say anything to Viren. While talking casually, Naren asks Channi for tea, and she obliges.


During the Shagun ceremony, Nimmi’s father introduces Viren to his friends and he finds the cashier from the abortion clinic with them.

Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail. What xadhe happen next, will the cashier recognize Viren and Jassi, watch Aaadhe Adhoore to find out. Later in the night, Viren all of a sudden decides to go back to home, leaving Nimmi puzzled and dejected.

Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature. Viren is shocked when he realizes his mistake. Beeji tries to make peace between Jassi and Viren and advices them to start preparing for the wedding day. One of the women taunts Jassi saying that her importance will go down once Nimmi comes home after marrying Viren. A dejected Jassi feels miserable and holds Naren responsible for her state.

Jassi is shocked adgure she comes to know of this. Jassi assures Naren that there is nothing to worry about. Everyone is impressed to see the gifts.

Viren obliges, and Jassi asks him make sure to buy a gift for Aadue. Later in the evening, everyone enjoys during the Sangeet ceremony. Aadhe Adhoore episoode Episodes