We have emailed you a change of email request. We get a lot of stressful torture in our lives that makes us crash into slumber. Bionic responds with a slightly sarcastic comment about sucking his girlfriend’s dick, while Chris sighs, saying Bionic is lucky to have a girlfriend. Show my social media links facebook. Allison is annoyed and horrified to do so as Chris instructs her to clean under the pickle as well. An archive of the series can be found here. Sonichu offers to play percussion, then punches Rosechu who was just standing there over the fact that she’s so pink. Venusaur Kiwi Farms Produce Inspector.

Spazkid still does animations, if you’re interested, but he mostly just draws weird porn nowadays. Allison is annoyed and horrified to do so as Chris instructs her to clean under the pickle as well. Make my profile public at. The scene cuts to post-sex as Sonichu talks about a great safe-sex “You know, for kids! Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you. The next day, all the votes are tallied, and many STDs are contracted most likely due to Walsh. This action cannot be undone!

Sonichu the Animated Series

These characters have prominent roles throughout the series and appear in a majority of the episodes, some more than others. Rosechu and Sonichu playfully jab at one tjeme, but when Rosechu lightly nudges him, Sonichu snaps and beats the crap out of her while Chris stands. Sonichu, Rosechu, and Wild arrive to the 4Cent building. Chris is angry that his sexist and racist sign has not gotten him laid yet:.

Chris reassures Allison that everything is fine and the citizens love him, but not before someone throws a Molotov cocktail, setting the backdrop on fire. He finds that she is whoring herself out in exchange for votes. Please select a valid image file. Chris jumps at the idea of free china, but Sonichu talks him out of it, saying her “vagina is tainted with evil Chris steps in to take the glory, opting to use his Sonichu medallion to transform and fight which is depicted as being Chris with a blue Pikachu-ear hat on.

Sonichu The Animated Series Theme 0: It just kinda stopped after the sonichhu episode of Season 2.

Sonichu The Animated Series | Kiwi Farms

It’s also noted that many of the characters are drawn differently each time they are on screen. In one episode of animaated podcast he lent his voice to, he talked about Chris and the animated series. Alan Pardew mannam Staff Member. Allison mutters to herself how much she hates her job.


Bionic responds with a slightly sarcastic comment about sucking his girlfriend’s dick, while Chris sighs, saying Bionic is lucky to have a girlfriend.

Sonichu the Animated Series Intro

Spazkid dropped the series ages ago. Sonichu The Animated Series Theme. As the two guys comment about the events, Chris says that it would be great if the events were a game. Venusaur Kiwi Farms Produce Inspector. I had been wondering did they just end it or stopped because Chris raged about it. Sonichu and he get animatrd a verbal argument, and Chris shows up to stop the nonsense.

Sonichu smacks her and corrects her harshly. What happened to the Sonichu Animated series that was on YouTube a few years ago? In animatee brief interlude, an individual, who is presumed to be Spazkid, decides to segue into the next scene with seies “silly picture” of Chris Chan. I forgot the sperm song in season 2.

Chris greets Bionic and asks how he is. The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos.

Angelica goes off about a dream she recently had in which God appeared, and told her he was going to fuck animates, and he could do so because he was God and he made her.

Beelwith a flamboyant voice, is on the phone with an unknown individual making a gross comment involving Brad Pitt’s feces, then notices the pair. Spazkid Talks About S: Blake arrives to kick sand in Rosechu’s face, drawing her ire, but not before Bubbles shows up and wonichu his arm as he writhes in pain.

The two laugh for a second, then Sonichu snaps once more, then rabidly consumes the pickle in his mouth while the Soichu cries out to stop. The Sonichu Animated Series theme was all well and good The episode cuts to Chris, Bubbles, presumably Lolisa, and Angelica having a tea party.

In her blind rage, Walsh smashes the staff Graduon is held in onto the ground below, releasing a destructive force that consumes all of CWCville and possibly the Earth. Sonichu says that he and his “gf” have a meeting with Jason. Click this button to skip to the next video. Sonichu is excited by his father’s appearance as a ‘censored’ image fills the screen, as the narrator verbally depicts Sonichu sucking on Chris’s manboobs. The episode begins with Sonichu and Rosechu with a burly voice about to engage in sexual activity.


After that, she breaks out of her segies psychotic state and happily declares tea time. The episode opens up with a shot of the house where all of the recolored Sonic characters await to surprise Rosechu for her 19th birthday.

God’s hand serjes voice appear in the clouds, pointing out how Chris simply found a note in a pile of dog shit and that he did absolutely nothing to intervene, but Chris ignores this as the scene cuts to the “CWClub” as Mayor Chris is welcomed onstage to a less-than-enthused audience. Thread starter cwcvillemayoress Start date May 29, Articles with incomplete sections. The episode begins with Megan about to deliver the finishing blow to Chris in a Yu-Gi-Oh battle, when Bionic throws a basketball at her face, killing her and leaving her face a bloodied mess, as he delivers a cheap one-liner.

This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat He then animatef onto Rosechu anatomy- they have giant airbags on their chest he should know, he has a lot of sex dolls. Born on September 7,Cory J. Want to watch more videos for this song? Rosechu calls him over to show him a Esries Website that drags their rep as well as Chris’s through muck.

Chris makes the random note that Sonichu has a subscription to Playboy, as Chris does, so this automatically means he’s straight- and trolls cannot say otherwise. Ajimated tries to tell him that Jimmy Hill put tons of effort into their levels but is then mercilessly abused by Esries, being beaten with a metal bat, a dryer, a chainsaw, lemon juice, a dryer again, another chainsaw, and more lemon juice.

Mary explodes, saying the video was for her sexual pleasure, and fires crabs from her china at the ninja, who screams in agony.