Excellent news, there’s so much stuff out there to be uncovered. Posted by Shuz Bot at Koptapad , Oct 26, They were told to destroy the prints afterwards. Maidenpriest , Oct 26, Do you already have an account?

Channel 8 launched on 23 November — a date with obvious significance. Oddly, the Dublin sale appears to have been to a radio station? Shawn , Jun 18, Despite the ABC being the most prolific purchaser of BBC programmes throughout the sixties they received no concessions in the prices that were offered to them. Do you already have an account? The ABC was the biggest customer of the BBC during the sixties and may have expected more sympathetic prices as a result. For fans of Classic Doctor Who, the 50th will be extra special – archivist Ian Levine has confirmed on his Twitter rumors that 90 missing Hartnell and Troughton episodes have been recovered.


Perhaps, it is just down to articulacy: Then there are prices at the entry end of the property market which are rapidly rising. At after Singapore screened the War Machines in the prints were sent on to Nigeria. As for that forum, this is the first I’ve heard of it, what a good idea. Consequently, these are the definitions used for this essay. Username Password Remember me Enter what you see: Joel CairoJun 19, The same agreements which meant that the ABC were classed in a Major Commonwealth country and had to accept higher prices also allowed them first refusal which was a major boost for their acquisition of television material and gave them a significant advantage over other local broadcasters.

No, create an account now. Nice work, John Williams! A limited number of old U. Unfortunately, the Australian-made programs were often of poor quality in terms of production and recording so sales in the other direction were non-existent.


One way is to put them in prison. There was also a steady increase of the Television Centres which produced limited hours of local programmes. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The item was compiled along with other Goodies material including the ‘Commonwealth Games’ cuts and was listed by the National Archives Of Australia as being from the episode ‘Pollution’.

Sky Journalist accuses missing episodes forum of proboarss Savile 6 Years, 4 Months ago. This was followed by stations in Srinagar and Amritsarand Calcutta, Madras and Lucknow in The average commuter spends 67 minutes on a train that carries, many more times the capacity it was designed for.

It can be seen from the sales figures at the top of the paragraph that once Duckmanton took over the purchases by the ABC from the BBC jumped from around per annum to well over a thousand, indicating that the perceived lack of value was very much the view of Charles Moses. Post New Topic Show latest posts. If you simply wish to remain fully anonymous, you can still contribute.

If the commercial broadcasters were only being left with over-priced scraps and programmes which were rejected or demand heavy cuts from the censors then the only reason that Charles Moses could have thought that the programs were overpriced would either be that he was simply trying to negotiate a more advantageous deal or they saw that poorer nations who bought material near the end of the screening rights allowed by Equity were paying much less.

There is no doubt, the money from Australia was vital for the BBC to be able to sell to other countries, but the BBC only sold to those countries at what they could afford while trying to work within the limits of the Commonwealth quota system.

Britain and Australia also had shared history and cultural values which the USA perhaps lacked. For something to be interesting it should be conveyed in a simple and easy to understand manner, while also being, complex ie paint a detailed and vivid picture.


So, we can see that people respond appropriately to kindness and unpleasantness. What happens, however, when we are nice to people? Oddly, the Dublin sale appears to have been to a radio station? Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Including “Tenth Planet 4”, I was wrong!

Pink Floyd – Top Of The Pops video discovery!

What may also surprise you to know is that Japan is not the most suicidal area of Japan and suicide rates have been falling across the country. ClarkophileOct 26, ColocallyOct 26, Not from disemboweling Samurai or Kamikaze fighter pilots, but from train inded. Can it be confirmed? Do you already have an account? As well as proving popular with the audience Potter, As a public broadcaster, the ABC had a quota for locally produced material that had to be met and because of the shared culture and history between the two nations British programmes were deemed acceptable for that purpose.


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Electronic copying of any sort is not allowed, only the use of a notepad and pencil for note taking. And Vidiot, it’s Doctor Whonot Idnex.

ColdacreOct 26, Richard Molesworth, author of Wiped: I am sure there must have been others but there was nothing to indicate further sales, anywhere.

I think the Dr. Lots of discussions about this on Zeta Minor.