Rie Tanaka eps But going off of Onegai Teacher, it wouldn’t be too long I would think. Marie-Luise Schramm as Lemon Yamano. Discussing with his friends about the camera, they decide to make a movie during summer break. Let’s study Japanese together! Mami Fujita as Child A ep I expected a good end, and didn’t get it, although the stinger at the very end suggests good things for the couple. Kaori Ishihara as Kanna Tanigawa.

Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Motoki Niimi eps Learn Japanese through anime. Nick Creamer has the details. So i just finished Parallel Paradise. Naoko Seto as Misuzu ep 4. Hiroshi Adachi eps , Yu Onoyama eps Music producer: Watch and learn with anime that has Japanese Subs.

I do hope the same for this series as well since the OVA came out.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 1

Rena Maeda as Shop Assistant ep 3 Student ep 9. Hiroshi Adachi epsYu Onoyama eps Music producer: As for how much time passed before they got to see each other again, they never say unfortunately. January Jan 8, This is a split board – You can return to the Split Ioad for other boards. Learn Japanese through anime. Help study for your jlpt with animelon! January Jan 29, Free Anime opad with English sub.

Don’t have an account? Carmen Katt as Nanami Kirishima.


Waiting in the Summer (TV)

Garyo Tanaka epsCG Producer: Aiko Komamoto ep 3 Akiko Kawazoe 7 episodes eps even, 9, This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri. Just wanted to share my feels. Hiroaki Matsuura epsChief Producer: Iori Nomizu as Girl ep 6. Haruka Tomatsu as Ichika Takatsuki.

January Jan 15, naysu Janice Williams Production manager: And the OVA has French subs available? Have you seen this? Theron Martin has the details. Yoshihide Mukai eps 2nd Key Animation: While testing his 8mm camera at night, Kaito Kirishima is caught amid a mysterious explosion in his small town. But from the rpisode show’s ending, by the way the students who are watching the new movie talk about the students who made it, it sounds like a few years have passed and they’ve already graduated and moved on.

Ano Natsu de Matteru

The Next Chapter Anime Apr 2, Kikuko Inoue as Mysterious voice ep Yuka Saitou as Teacher ep 9. Taraku Uon Character Design: Maria Sumner as Emika Takatsuki. Chikara Sakurai ep 12 Modelling: Xavier Fleury Wakanim none French companies Broadcaster: Yoshihide Mukai eps English subs were released months ago.

I was se of hoping that it would take place after the show’s original ending but from what you’ve said, it’s before since they are still in school.

But you can definitely bet on the two of them being very happy together if Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins is anything epissode go by. News News chronological archives You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. January Jan 22, Nobuhito Sue Sound Director: Sarah Alles as Mio Kitahara. Strangely, Kaito wakes up the next day perfectly fine, but with no recollection of what exactly happened the day before.


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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your kpad or password? If you notice at the end, the red-haired girl forgot her name at the moment was wearing that new outfit that the MC’s sister bought for her after she had left to go back to her home planet, implying that she came back and that they made another movie.

Waiting in the Summer – Complete Collection Sub. Recommend me some manga. Masayoshi Tanaka eps12 Yukie Hiyamizu eps odd. February Feb 12, Sachiko Kojima as Kanna’s mother eps 5,